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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

He Didn't Like Santa

Good Evening Everyone!
~~~I like Santa~~~
~~~I bet you like Santa~~~
~~~Avery does NOT like Santa~~~
I was afraid this was going to happen, but there is 
always hope.
We got him all dressed up in his Christmas
attire - corduroy pants with little embroidered
trucks with Christmas trees in the truck bed and his
adorable red sweater, and what good did it do.
* * *NONE* * *
He took one look at the big hairy man and the tears
started to flow.  It didn't help that Santa was not
very kid friendly.   Where do they get these people?
The only way to stop the crying was to put MOM
and DAD in the picture.  Actually I thought this
was really nice of them to allow this.
Mom and Dad were not dressed for the occasion, but
as you know, you do what you have to do.
When it was all over and we
were waiting for the actual (over-priced) pictures,
Avery was still not happy.  He was definitely giving
Santa the evil eye.
As we all know, he will come to love Santa, but not this year.
So cute.  I loved every minute of it.  Just so happy 
I was there to share in this special event.
Many Merry Stitches,


  1. LOL Sandra I remember when my son was that age he did not like Santa either...in fact he went one step farther and would only go to sleep on Christmas Eve if his daddy PROMISED to sleep on the couch until after Santa left...grins...oh the memories we make and treasure! I on the other hand like Santa. I am new to your blog but have loved your designs for years. In fact while searching high and low for an "oldie" ornament pattern I "was sure I had"...winks...I came across an old S is for Santa pattern that you designed long ago(actually it was the whole word Christmas, but since I only have weeks left I will probably only get the S done...)and fell in love with it. Perfect for those of us who like Santa. Happy Stitching. P.S. Avery is adorable in his Christmas outfit.

  2. In one of the early pictures I have of my granddaughters and Santa they both have pouts on and look like they could burst into tears at any moment.
    I just checked it and yup, Dad's in the picture with them too!
    Avery's Christmas outfit is so cute! Hopefully next year he'll be better.

  3. Sooooo cute...thaks for sharing the santa experience!

    Judy heartland stitcher

  4. my granddaughter, who is 14 months was also cautious and wouldn't sit on Santas lap; so we got a pic of her standing next to Santa, him holding her hand; she's not impressed!!!

  5. Oh thats lovely. My one son cried the first time he met Santa, the other Son adored him. Thanks for sharing the moment with us xx

  6. Avery's outfit is so cute.
    That reminds me of a pic of myself and Santa.
    I didn't like him either.
    I though he smelled like sauerkraut! LOL :)
    It will still make a nice family pic.