Welcome to my blog. I'm probably very much like all of you who love the needlearts. My life revolves around family, friends, home and all things that help to make for a more contented life. When time allows; cooking, gardening, decorating, and collecting are my joys. I look forward to sharing all of these things with you. I also hope to keep you up to date on what is going on at Homespun Elegance, in regard to the needlework designs and the "Plain & Fancy Wares" that we offer.

Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fun Tymes Coming!

Hi Everyone!
Well, it's tyme to go 

The car is packed to the roof and
I still have to get my personal stuff
together and it is 8:00.
Of my gosh, I still have
a lot to do.
Wish me luck gathering
it all together and getting
myself out out here very early
in the morning.  I want to get
to Lori's so we can have plenty of
time to get it all set up tomorrow.
I cannot wait to see all of you on
Saturday.  The weather is  promising to
be spectacular, so we are going to
have a wonderful fall day to visit.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Turkey Tyme

Good Afternoon Everyone!
First of all, I just want to let you know 
that the office will be closed from
September 5 - September 15.  I
will reopen on Tuesday,
September l6.
My ETSY Shoppe will be closed as
well.  So, if you want to place an order
that can be shipped tomorrow, you
need to get in touch with me soon.
"Turkey Tyme"
Needle Case 
is almost finished, just have to do the
FOB, photograph, print and ship.
This will all take place when 
I return.  Just wanted you to see it
before I go.
Remember this is the 3rd in my series,
so there is still time to sign up.
You can also get the first two.
Hope you like it.
Many Happy Stitches,

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Little Glimpse

Good Morning!
I have another "Little Glimpse" of my
third in the
So happy to say that it is well on
its way to completion.
Now to the finishing and the fob.
The picture shows you all the
embellishments that will be
included with the design.  Just
love the sweet little buttons.  They
are new at
Homespun Elegance.
Anyway, my favorite season
is fast approaching and 
will be trotting your way soon.
Remember this is a six-part series, of which 
this is the third.
It is not to late to sign up for the AUTO 
You get the design for the needle case and
whatever embellishments are used
and I usually use about five.
The price is $12.50
If you would like to sign up for the AUTO
or just get this one,
it is $14.25 which includes the shipping.
there will be directions for making a FOB
to compliment your needle case.
Hope you like it~
Wishing you a day with 
"Many Happy Stitches",

Saturday, August 30, 2014

2014 Annual Ornaments

Good Saturday Afternoon!
After working for hours on end for the last
few days, the happy result is that my
will be ready for
shipment next week.  YEAH!  
A little behind this year, but better
late than never.
As usual, each ornament comes with the 
appropriate embellishment.
~"Olde Saint Nicholas" 
is stitched on 
30 Ct. "Mink" from
R & R Reproductions and trimmed with
 "Scorched Linen" rick rack by
Dames Of The Needle
~"Snowmen Everywhere"
is stitched on 
30 Ct. "Mink" from
R & R Reproductions and trimmed
with my
"Dirty White" chenille
~"Merry Christmas Wishes"
is stitched on
32 Ct. "Parchment"
from Weeks Dye Works and trimmed
with "Scorched Linen" chenille by
Dames Of The Needle
Hope you like them and want to add
them to your Christmas 
ornament collection.
"Many Merry Stitches",

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Seasonal Needlecase Series

Hi Everyone!
Hope you are enjoying a wonderful
Sunday.  It is beautiful here in
Fredericksburg, VA after a gloomy,
rainy Saturday.  Not complaining,
we needed the rain.
Want to share the fruits of my
Saturday labors with an
update and a "little glimpse" of my next
design in the
Fall is coming, whether we want it to or not,
and I for one am delighted.
Therefore, the next needle case commemorates
one of my favorite holidays.
Here is your "little glimpse" of
Remember this is a six-part series, of which 
this is the third.
It is not to late to sign up for the AUTO 
You get the design for the needle case and
whatever embellishments are used
and I usually use about five.
The price is $12.50
If you would like to sign up for the AUTO
or just get this one,
it is $14.25 which includes the shipping.
there will be directions for making a FOB
to compliment your needle case.
Hope you like it~
"Many Happy Stitches",

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Instant Gratification!

Good Afternoon!
If you know me, you know I like to paint when
I have the time.  Unfortunately, it doesn't happen
very often, but I do love it.
What I want to offer you today is pretty
special I think.
Here it is ~ my
Mirror Sconce.
Thank you Louise!
~16" Tall X 6 l/2" Wide
~Painted "umber" - a black/brown color
and then glazed
~The painting is the original-not a print
~Candle is included.  It is a battery
operated one with a wax exterior.
You can time this to come on at the same
time everyday.  (Batteries not included)
~There will never be another one
painted just like this.  I may use the
painting for decoupaging.
Just need for you to know that.
I had the frames and the rusty metal candle
cups made.  I plan to be offering these
in other ways in the future.  I also have the
candle cups in regular tin, which I may or
may not paint.  We'll see~
$100.00 + shipping
(shipping will be determined
by where you live.  Only
in the US please)
Let me know if you want it.  I take Paypal,
Visa and Mastercard.  I need to know your
address for the shipping.
I hope someone loves it~

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Designs Ready to Ship and Some Fobs

Hi Everyone!
Just spent a little time this afternoon working
on some scissor fobs.
Thought you might like to have a Halloween
scissor fob to add to your collection ~
here is
This is one of my
little paintings.  A print of the painting is
decoupaged onto a wooden heart.  Hoped to
make this into a cross stitch design, but I
think it is too late this season, but I will
get it stitched as soon as I can.
scissor fob is hand painted
by me.  I think he is kind of cute.  

"Pumpkin Lover" is $11.50 + $1.75 s/h
"Woolly Ewe" is $12.00 + 1.75 s/h
Two new designs are back from St. Charles
and ready to ship.
$6.00 + $1.75 s/h
I included my Olde Brass "Pineapple" button in 
this design.  
$10.00 + $1.75 s/h
I will be adding everything to my ETSY Shoppe
or you can just contact me.
Hope you see something you like.
"Many Happy Stitches", 

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Little Glimpse!

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I am
working on my 
Annual Christmas Ornaments.
Running a little behind, as usual, but giving
it my best shot to get these to you in
the next few weeks or so.
I actually stitched the Sampler ornament
and am working on the
Santa ornament.  The Snowman
is winging its way back to me.
Hope to see their chubby little
bodies in my mail box tomorrow.
Couldn't wait to share a little though~
so here are the Sampler
and the Santa
Hope you like what you see and will
want to stitch these ornaments!
"Many Merry Stitches",

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Deal For You!

Good Morning!
Once again I have been digging through my
over flow of products and came across
a stash of these wonderful "Patches" pillows.
This pillow was featured in this 
which is a combination of cross stitch
and applique designs.  The
cross stitch design fits on the
If you would like the 
book and the pillow
$22.00 (includes the shipping)
~Design only~
$10.00 (includes the shipping)
~Pillow only~
$18.00 (includes the shipping)
There will be extra postage outside
of the US.
~28 Count pre-finished 
"Tri-Color Patches"
~Measures 9 1/2" X 7 1/2"
~All you need to do is stuff it
and slip stitch the opening flap
on the back.
You do not have to have the pillow in
order to do this  Christmas design.
It is graphed to be stitched
without patches.
Patterns and all directions are given.
I take paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and
checks.  Just email or call me if you are
The deal will end when all of the
pillows are gone.  Hope you like it.
"Many Merry Stitches",

Friday, August 8, 2014

Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament

Good Morning Everyone!
I've been meaning to do this and keep
forgetting.  So my brain finally engaged
this morning, so here is my design
in the 
"Noel Birds"
Just to give you a little info, 
I used
30 Count "Mink" from R & R Reproductions~
one of my absolute favorite linens.
The chenille and "Open Crown" brass
charm are available from me.
Hope you like it!
Also, just want to remind you to go to
the memory/recipe/etc. that JCS asks
all of us to do.
There is a recipe that I use 
for low fat cookies.  I don't know where
I found this recipe (would love to give
credit), but it is great.  Just thought
you might like to know. 
I am on a forever diet and now I think
I'm wheat sensitive, so I'll be trying to
substitute another kind of flour.
If it works I'll let you know.
  I'm working on my Annual Ornaments. 
 Many of you have been asking about them.  
Well, they are coming along, I promise.
 Hope you have a great day with
"Many Happy Stitches",

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Little Glimpse

Good Morning Everyone!
Taking just a mini break from my
multi-tasking morning to
share with you another
"little glimpse"
of another
new design~
This will be released very soon
along with the last
in my
Hope to release these 
next week.
~Stitched on 30 Count "Putty"
from Weeks Dye Works
~Used all DMC floss +
"Sarsaparilla" by
Sampler Threads
~Backed with "Sweet Potato"
Herringbone felted wool
Weeks Dye Works
~Trimmed with my 
Black/Brown" Nubby Yarn
Hope you like everything!
"Many Happy Stitches",

Monday, August 4, 2014

St. Charles Releases!

Hi Everyone!
This is just a quick post to let everyone k
now about my new designs 
that are being released at the
St. Charles trade show.
If you see anything you like, just
let your shoppe owner that is
going to the show know what you
want.  They will be able to pick up
these designs in
Norden Crafts booth.
From my
here is
This is the llth design in this series~one
more to go.  It is stitched on 30 Count 
"Mink" over-dyed linen from
R & R Reproductions.  I used a variety
of fibers, but I give you an
Alternate Color Code.  It is embellished
with my Mini Brass "Star" charms and
my "Rusty Brown" chenille.
Here is
 I hope you love this design as much
as I do.  It was inspired by the
hospitality that I love to extend to my
family and friends at
Christmas Tyme.  
I stitched it on a 28 Count "Cream" 
linen, which I coffee dyed.
I have included my Olde Brass
"Pineapple" button with the design.
After the trade show I will be shipping
these to my distributors.
Thanks for visiting~
"Many Happy Stitches",

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Wonderful Day!

Hi Everyone!
All of you who have been following my
blog for the last three years have met our
little grandson, Avery.
Well, Avery turned three yesterday.
I still cannot believe he is that old.  The
time has just flown by, with all of us
experiencing some of the most joyous
times of our lives.
Hollis just revels in planning his
birthday parties, with each year 
just as clever and cute as the last.
This year Avery is really into construction
equipment, as are all little boys it seems.
I just felt like I had to share a little
bit of Avery's party.
In awe of his cake!
They had the best time painting!
The end of a perfect day~such joy!
This is what makes it all worthwhile~
At the end of the party, after all the little kids
had left~
Avery said, 
"I love my friends" 
"I want my party back".
Aren't those the cutest things you have ever heard
 from a 3 year old.
Of course, I realize I might be just a
little bit prejudiced.
I love being a Grammie!
Thanks for indulging me!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Little Glimpse

Hi Everyone!
This is just a quick little post to show you a
little "glimpse" of an upcoming
Christmas design.
Cannot believe I am talking about Christmas
when it is 100% humidity outside, but
that is what we have to do in the 
needlework world.  Hope you like
what you see.  
Wishing you a wonderful upcoming week
with lots of love and stitching!
"Many Happy Stitches",

Saturday, July 26, 2014

DMC Cones

Hi Everybody!

This is just a quick post to let you know that I
have quite a quantity of DMC cones left over
from my kitting days.  There are 450 yards on
each cone and they currently retail for
$19.99 each.  I am selling them for $7.00
in my ETSY Shoppe
Go to Sections in the left upper column
and click on
If you don't do ETSY, just email or
call me.
I have varying amounts of each color,
first come/first serve.
This is great for dyeing your own floss,
punching, or just to have a lot of your
favorite color on hand.
Just an example of what the cones look like.
Hope you find a color you need and
hope you are having a fun 
stitching day.
"Many Happy Stitches",

Friday, July 25, 2014

Halloween Is Coming!

Good Evening!
Halloween is coming and I am doing my best to
get ready for it.  I have finished my next to the last
design for "A Halloween Year II".  I have enjoyed
designing this last year's collection, but I am
ready to move on to something new.  Here is
"Sampler Witch" continues my series of 
"Sampler . . . " designs that I've been doing for
Both of these are just quick little projects for
your Halloween decorating.
I know how I am going to finish them and hope
to do that tomorrow.
I've been working on my 
and hope to get them ready for all of you by the 
latter part of August-maybe sooner if all goes well.
Hope you have a good weekend.  I hope you keep
stitching and I'll keep designing!
"Many Happy Stitches",

Friday, July 18, 2014

Clearing My Brain!

Good Morning Everyone!
Sometimes I just need to clear my "feeble"
brain after hours of designing and graphing,
and do something that is creative in
another way.
Hence, I want to share with you three new
things I am working on - not ready yet, but soon.
Cannot give you much info yet, as to prices, etc.,
but they are coming along.  The Ort jars have
a fabric lid that I have conditioned, so that it holds
its shape.  Looks like an olde "pantry jar", don't you think?
The Needle Minders are tiny little wooden
circles that I have decoupaged with one of my prints
(made from my tiny paintings).  They have the
necessary magnets.
Hope you like them.  Just some fun things that
you might want to add to your stash.
Now I am heading back to the computer to
work on my 2014 Christmas Ornaments.
Many Happy Stitches,

Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm Back . . . . .

I'm Back . . . . .
and what a fine time I had.  
Everyone was so welcoming.  When I closed
my shoppe about five years ago, the thing I
missed the most was getting to talk with
like-minded people.  In other words, people
who love stitching as much as I do.
Well, all of you fine folks helped fill that void
for me this weekend.
Also, it was wonderful to see some of my
old friends that I haven't seen in such
a long time.
First of all I want to share some pictures
I took of a beautiful shoppe~
If you haven't been there, then it is
a must. If you love samplers and prim
stitching, you will be in heaven.  Just a
wealth of stitched models.  I just 
couldn't take it all in.
Here are some pictures for your
My samplers, some original, some reproductions~
Wall of fibers~heaven! 
Rack after rack of designs~
That is Ann behind the counter~
Lovely customers~
and there is Pat in front of the window
Thank you Ann and Pat for such a special
day.  A special thank you to Pat for her help trying 
to teach me about Ebay and a bunch of
other internet stuff.  She really knows her
way around a smart phone. She was dealing
with a real novice or should I say "idiot".  HaHa
I have been asked to teach a class at 
DYEING TO STITCH sometime after
the Nashville market.  What fun that will be.
Thank you Ann and Pat.   Also, I want to
thank the wonderful ladies who helped me
pack and take my stuff to my car.  I am so 
grateful for you.  It was really hot, so not
any fun at all.
I am so excited to announce that there
will be a new fabric named for me~
I love it and I think
you will to.  Cannot wait to get my hands on it.
Trunk Show and Class
I was a nervous wreck, but I managed to get
through it.  I hope everyone enjoyed the
project.  Almost everyone finished their
That made me so happy.  I tried really hard to 
time it so it could be 
finished in the 2 1/2 hour class.
Class Project~my SEWING STAND

Me and a wonderful helper, my daughter, Hollis~
Couldn't have done everything without her.
It was so nice to make some new stitching friends and
 so much fun to see Ann Steinbeck, someone
I have known for many years.
Everyone was so nice to me.  Thank you all for
welcoming me and then helping me pack up and
lug everything to my car.  What a great help
that was.
And what a way to end each evening!
Hope you enjoyed my Show and Tell!
Wish you could have all been there~
"Many Happy Stitches",

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Pretty Morning in Virginia

Hi Everyone!
A misty morning in Virginia, after some welcome 
rain showers.  So nice to have showers without 
worrying about lightening and wind.  The morning 
has gotten away from me, but I just had to share
 these pictures of my garden.  Even though the
 humidity is way up there, it made for some 
pretty pictures.
I can only dream about relaxing in the garden.
I'm up to my neck in things to do to get ready
for my big weekend in Virginia Beach.  Hope 
you can join me at my Trunk Show at
Dyeing To Stitch.
On Sunday I will be teaching a class for the
Tidewater Sampler Guild.
Hope you have a wonderful day with
"Many Happy Stitches",