Welcome to my blog. I'm probably very much like all of you who love the needlearts. My life revolves around family, friends, home and all things that help to make for a more contented life. When time allows; cooking, gardening, decorating, and collecting are my joys. I look forward to sharing all of these things with you. I also hope to keep you up to date on what is going on at Homespun Elegance, in regard to the needlework designs and the "Plain & Fancy Wares" that we offer.

Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Some Information

Good Afternoon!
Oh my goodness, time is just flying by and as
you can see only a little decorating has happened 
at the Sullivan's, not even our tree.  I am fast
running out of time, so Homespun Elegance
 will be closing at the end of today and not
reopening until January 6th.
This Mrs. Santa needs a long break to spend
with family and friends.  I will be in touch
with festive posts thought during this time.
Anyway, if you need something shipped please
contact us today.  Thank you for all of your
wonderful business this past year.  You
have brought me much joy!
Oh, for all of you who asked about Avery's
"Little Red Truck"
it will be published in the New Year, 
probably Nashville.  
Thanks for all of your wonderful
See you in a few days with results of
my decorating~
Merry Merry!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


As promised last night, I have a few "Christmas Goodies"
to offer you ~ maybe for you or maybe for a quick
Christmas present.  Thankfully, you don't have to
stitch a thing for these.  All ready to be wrapped.

IMPORTANT - There is someone out
there who asked me to save her
two of these boxes if I did them again.
I cannot find you.  I hope you see
this and get back to me.

Unfortunately I only have a very few of these, simply
because I cannot get the adorable paper mache
boxes anymore.  If anyone ever sees a source for
them, please let me know.
This painting was inspired by my cross design
Notice the box!
I have made prints of the original Santa painting
done on the box lid.  Did a little hand tinting to
the print and then decoupaged it to the box.
The box is painted and distressed for that "olde"
look that we love.  The inside is distressed also.
I can sign the back of the box if you would like~
just let me know.  There is a sweet little bag
of balsam inside of your box.  
When you open it the smell Christmas is there!
The box measures 4" square and 2" high.
$19.50 which includes the shipping.
I did this sweet applique.  I love it tuck someplace
or hanging in the middle of an evergreen wreath.
It measures approximately 11" X 7", not 
counting the vintage-style tinsel trim hanger.  I 
used wool felt and embellished it with
Colonial Knots.  The applique is done with
primitive straight stitches.
$24.00 includes the shipping.
Wreath not included~
$8.50 Includes The Shipping
"Holly & Vintage Textile Pillow"
This is a sweet little pillow made from a beautiful
felted wool that has been embellished with a
vintage crocheted-edged textile.  I then chain
stitched the holly leaves and tucked in 
a few Colonial Knot berries.
The pillow measures 8"X 6" and is
stuffed lightly.
$33 Includes The Shipping
"Christmas Ornaments"
Hand-Made by Me
Little 3 1/2" round ornies made from wool felt
that has been covered (on the front) with lightly
glittered scrim fabric.  I then attached a tiny
little print from one of my paintings and trimmed
the painting with a vintage-type tinsel.
I only have a few of these, so please read
carefully as to quantities.
$7.50 Includes The Shipping
 Santa Face ~ Qty 2
Hospitality Santa ~ Qty 2
 Tree ~ Qty 2
Sheep ~2
 Snowman and Reindeer ~ Qty 1
Manger ~ Qty 1
 Little Girl Silhouette ~ Qty 2
"Santa With Gifts"
I didn't make him, but he is still sweet.
Something else from my shoppe days.
He measures 8" X 3 1/2".
He is $11.50 which inclues the shipping.
Santa is adorable with his sticks, candy
canes, and glass beads around his
waist.  I think you will love him.
He is adorable.
$10.50 Includes the shipping.
"Needles and Pins" Box
And this one has nothing to do with Christmas,
but I thought it might made a nice gift for
you or one of your stitchy friends~
Stitching/Pincushion Necessaire Box
The box is distressed with a lovely stencil border.
Box measures 4" X 4" and is 2" tall.
Embellished with a brass scissor charm.
$29.00 which includes the shipping.
I only have one and I stitched this.
I have more, but I have run out of time.  It takes
me forever to load and write about things.
I promised these this morning and here it is
1:30.  So hope you find something you like.
I am only doing Paypal, Visa, or Mastercard
for this event.  Please call 540-371-6377 (EST - 
now through Thursday at 5:00) or email at 
stitching@homespunelegance.com to give us 
your Paypal email address with Credit card info. 
Everything has to be ordered
by Thursday.  FIRST COME FIRST SERVE with
 payment info.  We will be closing for the
holidays Thursday, December 18th.  If something
is ordered at the end of business on Thursday,
it will probably be readied for shipping and
go out on Friday.  This gives Faye and I time to
get ready for this wonderful season.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Making Family Memories

Good Evening Everyone!
I know everyone is so busy right now, myself
included, but I wanted to share with you
one of my favorite things to do.
If you have been reading my Blog,
then you know that I am a very
obnoxious "Grammie" and 
proud of it.  
This adorable little guy, Avery, is now
three years old.  So you have put up with
me for three years~sharing pictures and
cute stories.
Well, it's Christmas again and every year
I have taken his Christmas picture with
the Steiff teddy bear.
I know I have shared with you that
it is his Mommy's bear that we gave 
her when she was a little girl.
It is fun to compare the size of the
bear with Avery as he grows.
Avery in 2011
Avery in 2012

 Avery in 2013
 Avery in 2014
Oh my gosh, he is so excited about
Christmas.  It is going to be so much fun!!!

I love the look of innocence and joy~
to be able to experience his childhood 
is so precious.
Merry Christmas,

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Grammie's Helper

Good Evening!
I hope everyone is well after a wonderful
Thanksgiving.  I worked and ate way too much,
 am really tired tonight, feel like I've gained at
least five pounds~but it was all worth it.
Hope I can get back on my normal diet
tomorrow and then I will start feeling better
and have some energy.  I am experiencing
a carb hangover I believe.  Way too much
sugar and starches.
Here is one of the starches that I consumed
way too much of~sugar cookies.  I just
love them and so does a certain little
boy.  He was my little helper.  Stirred
the dry ingredients~
Cut in the butter~
Decorated the cookies~
he tried so hard and really
did a pretty good job, especially at
placing the eyes and putting on bunches of
brown sprinkles.
The results of our labors~
Big turkey cookies for all the children.
He was so proud!!!
Avery is such a little helper.
No matter what you are doing, he says
"I want to help".  Wonder how long this
will last.  
 Made lots of little turkey cookies
too, but forgot to take a picture of them.
 Time to move on now and start to
think about Christmas and all the things I 
have to do.
It is going to be a nice day tomorrow so 
Lehmer and I will go get our tree and then
I'll start pulling out my decorations.
I'll be back with my Christmas 
"Show and Tell".
"Many Merry Stitches",

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Evening!
Preparations have been underway all day today.
Avery and I are getting ready to make
Thanksgiving sugar cookies.  I'll have
to share them with you when we are
I just  wanted to stop for a few minutes and
wish all of my wonderful friends out
there a special Thanksgiving Day.
This is such a wonderful time to me.  Just
rejoicing in our family and being thankful
for all of our blessings.
This is the centerpiece in my
dining room.  I have such fun doing this
every year.
I'll be back in a few days, after stuffing myself
with all the things I love~five pounds heavier
 I am sure.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Good Morning Everyone!
Well, it has been quite a stressful week.  Little
Avery had surgery on Wednesday.  He has to be
restricted in his activities for two weeks.  How do 
you explain that to a 3 year old!  You don't, 
consequently you cannot let him out of your sight
and you are constantly telling him 
"No, don't do that!"
I know he doesn't understand and he is not
used to having everyone telling him "No" 
over and over again.  I feel so bad for
him and I also feel bad for all of us
because we are in a constant state of 
I came home yesterday and
have been trying to finish at least
two of my promised designs.  It's looking
like these will be all I will do for this
Christmas season.  Really sorry that I 
shared designs that will not happen, but 
sometimes more important things
come along.
Well, I'm finished rambling on.  Here
are my new designs.  They are ready
and will be shipped the first of the
week.  Hope you like them.

The Hanging Pouch is stitched on 30 Count "Mink"
and the Ornament/Cupboard Tuck is stitched on
18 Count "Classic Homespun".  Both of these fabric
are from R & R Reproductions.  Notice the sweet
Pom Pom trim on the bottom of the ornament.
It is "Nick's Coat" from Dames Of The Needle.

I attached the large design to a wonderful old hanging
box.  I used Velcro to attach it.  Thinking their might be
a series here~we'll see, no promises.  I know
you will not be able to find a box like mine, but
you might find something similar or maybe a
wonderful basket.
The large design is stitched on 30 Count "Espresso"
and the ornament on 30 Count "Mink", stitching
over one.  I used the Continental stitch, which is half of 
a cross stitch.
The chenille trims are "Christmas Wreath" and
"Cocoa".  Both the fabrics and the trims are
from R & R Reproductions.

I hope you will like one of my new designs
enough to fit it into your busy holiday schedule.
"Many Merry Stitches",

Friday, November 14, 2014

Another Christmas Glimpse

Good Morning Everyone!
Hope you all are doing fine on this very
cold morning in Virginia.  It certainly
does feel more like Christmas weather than
Autumn weather, but I refuse to think
about Christmas decorating, etc. until
after Thanksgiving.  My pumpkins are
still outside and inside and there they
will remain until the day or two 
after Thanksgiving.  After that, the
Christmas frenzy starts in the
Sullivan family.
Unfortunately, we as needlework designers
must be thinking Christmas long 
before it is here.  I have to admit and am
mad at myself for this, but I am at
least a month behind in publishing my
last Christmas designs.  I hope it's not
too late.  Luckily, these last four
designs are very quick stitches.  
I'm only showing two of the four
this morning.  
(There are three designs in this one!)
Hope you see something you would
like to stitch!
"Many Merry Stitches",

Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas Is Coming Glimpses

Good Morning Everyone!
It is really chilly here in Virginia - putting me
in the mood for more Christmas stitches.
Wanted to share a "little glimpse"
of more of those stitches.
Feeling a lot of pressure to get these
finished and I hate that.  I should have
started these weeks ago.
Well, here they are and I hope
you like them.
Please let me know what you think!!!
"Many Merry Stitches,

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Another Bits & Pieces Special

Good Afternoon Everyone!
A few weeks ago I ran a special on my
Fall/Halloween Bits and Pieces designs.
As I said before this Collection is getting close
to being retired, as I have limited 
quantities of a lot of them.
I am reserving the right to do a
composite of these designs at some point
in the future.
Here are three COLLECTIONS~
Each Collection will sell for
$6.50  + shipping.
If you only get one Collection,
your total will be $8.00.
If you get more than that, the
shipping will be a little more, so I
will figure each one individually.
The embellishments you see are
also available.  Just tell me what you
would like.

OK, so if you are interested in any of these
Collections, just email me, and depending on
how many you might want, I will then
figure your postage and get back to you.
~One Collection is only $8.00~
which includes the shipping.
 All of the embellishments you see on
the ornaments are available as well.
I take Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and checks.
 I hope you see something you cannot
live without!
"Many Merry Stitches",

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Designs Have Shipped

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that my three new
designs shipped at the end of last week.
If they are not already in your favorite shoppe, they
should be very soon.
Here they are~
"Belsnickle Chimney Santa"
You will get three designs with this
-a pillow
-a "Hanging Pocket" and
-an ornament.
I used 20 Count "Putty" linen from
Weeks Dye Works for the pillow and
the Hanging Pocket and 30 Count
"18th Century Brown" from 
R and R Reproductions.
This is finished as a hanging pocket and stitched
on 32 Count "Classic Homespun".  I am
very proud to say that R and R Reproductions
named this fabric for me.  It is a wonderful
fabric and will be produced in
multiple counts for your stitching pleasure.
I embellished this with coffee dyed "Warm and Natural",
and then used four of my Olde Brass "Tree" buttons
and "vintage" buttons from my collection.
Don't you think this could stay out all winter?
Just fill with some evergreens and you are all set.
is finished as another one of my Hanging
Pouches.  It is stitched on 20 Count
"Putty" linen from Weeks Dye Works.
It is embellished with my Autumn buttons.
Well, that is it for tonight.  Back to the basement to
continue working on more Christmas designs.  Love to
design for this time of the year.
"Many Happy Stitches",