Welcome to my blog. I'm probably very much like all of you who love the needlearts. My life revolves around family, friends, home and all things that help to make for a more contented life. When time allows; cooking, gardening, decorating, and collecting are my joys. I look forward to sharing all of these things with you. I also hope to keep you up to date on what is going on at Homespun Elegance, in regard to the needlework designs and the "Plain & Fancy Wares" that we offer.

Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall is Coming Soon

Greetings to all!!

I'll believe it when I feel it.  Fall is suppose to arrive in
Virginia tomorrow with crisp temperatures.  The sun
is suppose to appear after several days of blessed,
but in some cases excessive amounts of rain.  We
so needed it though.  We live next to a wooded
area and I always start to fret when it becomes
this dry in the Fall.  We have kids who walk through
the woods going from one neighborhood to another.
I know some of them are smoking, so I worry
about fires.  Thankfully I can stop thinking
about that for a while.
  I am really into my Christmas designing now.
There will be so many new things to show
you in the coming weeks.  Here is a "snippet"
of a new design.
I will have the second design in my new "Delivering"
series soon.  It will be a Christmas design, full of "olde"
fashion charm.  I think you will like it.  Will
show a little bit of that soon.

Update on my automobile accident.  I will be
starting physical therapy on Monday for my
shoulders.  Happy to report that the Dr.
does not think it is my rotator, so no surgery.
Thank heavens.  I hate physical therapy but
maybe I will be even stronger than before
when it is over. 

Hope to get some Fall decorating done this weekend.
Will show some pictures of the transformation
when done.

In the upper left corner, I now have a link to my
Etsy site.  You might want to check there occasionally.
I am going to be listing my new publications and lots of
other finished "wares".  

Wishing you a great night with "Many Happy Stitches",

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall, I don't think so!!

Hi Everyone,
The calendar says it is Fall, but I don't think so.  I'm 
thinking mums and this is what I get in my garden.  It was
 100 degrees in Fredericksburg, VA yesterday and is in the
90's today.
I have usually decorated for Fall by now, but not
this year.  Even last year with the wedding fast
approaching and no extra time, I still had it
all finished.  Maybe tomorrow when the 
weather breaks I will be inspired.
I do have two little hints of Fall in my house to
share.  This is my wonderful antique dough bowl
filled with dried stuff (can you see the dried mini 
pineapples), pine cones, nuts, and great
smelling potpourri and my "mulled cider"
candle.  My favorite scent this time of year.
This has nothing to do with Fall, but I thought
I would show you my guest bathroom that has 
my collection of silhouettes.  This doesn't show
them all.  I'm just a little obsessed with them.
The one in the upper right is one of my designs.
 I will have some more
sneak peaks soon and "wares" for sale.
In regard to the "Stitching Lady" journals
a few posts back.  I titled it All Gone and many
of you thought I meant they were all gone.  I
was referring to the four journals on the
previous post for the special price.  All of
the journals are available and will continue to
be at the $10.00 price.  Hope this clears up
the confusion.  I need to think a little more
before I write.  
"Many Happy Stitches"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodies For Sale

Hi Everyone,
I have some fun things to offer you.
Above are two examples of my stitched
 "Rollup Necessaires" in my collection. 
  The ones being offered are all different, being
made from various high quality cottons and linens,
and ready for your special stitches and stitching
things.  Each is finished with a "Vintage" button
 for the closure.  The linen area is a
  26 to 28 count linen.
Each Necessaire will come with a nice set of
sampler motifs and a wonderful antique alphabet
for personalizing.  Each has a nice pin cushion at
the very bottom for your needles, stuffed
with a combination of polyfil, sawdust, and 
crushed walnut shells.  There is a pocket 
deep enough to keep your scissors safe.
They are approximately 14" long and 4" wide.
The price is $32.00 plus shipping.
Here are the seven I have available now.
First come .....First Serve
Rollup No. 1
Rollup No. 2
Rollup No. 3
Rollup No. 4
Rollup No. 5
Rollup No. 6
Rollup No. 7
Stay tuned for other pre-finished
items to stitch on.

Hope you are having a great evening
filled with "Many Happy Stitches",

All Gone

Hi Everyone,

Thank you sooo much for lots of things --

>>Your well wishes to Hollis and I in regard to 
our accident. Yes we are on the mend, but I'm a 
lot slower due to my ancient body.  Please
 forgive me for not getting orders and emails
 out faster.

>>For the great response to my freebie
"Boo Tyme".  

>>For your kind words about my new designs and
the subsequent orders.  I'm so excited about the
AUTO sign ups for the "Halloween Year".

>>For buying all of the journals I pictured
on the last post and for ordering many more.
I am placing an order tomorrow for the base
journal so I can fill your wonderful orders.

Please note that orders for new journals
are selling for the original price which is $10.00.
The shipping will be $3.25 for one.  I will
adjust shipping for multiple journals.

The journals can be stamped with 
"Stitching Notes", "House Notes", or
with just the picture.
Note "The Stitching Lady" journal above.
She is available as well in the large
and small version.  The large journal measures
5 1/2" X 8" and the baby journal is 3" X 4".
Both have approximately 50 tan ruled pages. 
 The baby journal is $5.00 plus $2.15 shipping.  I will
 adjust shipping for multiple journals.
What great Christmas presents for your
stitching friends!!

Many happy Stitches,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Journals Offered

I'm thinking Christmas presents.  Can you believe that!
I found a few of my journals on the shelf, some adorned 
with my art work (decoupaged) or my needlework 
(also decoupaged).  These are stamped with
"House Notes".  I use mine to record things like paint
colors, annual appointments (such as the exterminator),
what and when I plant flowers and bushes, when I buy
and what I pay for household equipment, etc.
Just a general household record.  Great for newly weds
and first time homeowners.
These journals are for my blog friends at the special
price of $7.00 plus $2.50 shipping.
These are the only ones I have made right now, so
first come, first serve.
SOLD  "Courtship" House Notes
SOLD  "Sampler Motif" House Notes
SOLD  "Freedom House" House Notes
SOLD  "Be At Peace" House Notes
All of these journals measure 5 1/2" X 8" and are
decoupaged with the art work.  Each has about
50 tan ruled pages.A Sheltering Tree bookmark 
will be included.

All of these journals can be stamped with 
Let me know if you would like any of the 

"Stitching Notes" as well.  I will have to make
them as ordered, so they will be at the
 original price of $10.00 plus $2.50 shipping.
Many Happy Stitches,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sharing Finishes

Hi Everyone!!
Back again! You are probably wondering what more 
could she have to say after the last lengthy post.
Well, a couple of nice people have shared
with me how they finished some of my designs.
The freebie "Boo Tyme" has been finished in
the most charming way by Faye Riggsbee. 
Here is the link to her equally charming Blog.

She also has the picture of my "Joyful Autumn" design
that you must see.  It was stitched by Berit as an 
Autumn exchange for Faye.  Go to the bottom of this
 Blog post to see it.  How pretty!  Don't you love 
that ribbon.  To see more of Berit's wonderful
finishes click here
Some things are just timeless and samplers are a
prime example.  Years ago, in 1984,  I reproduced 
 my first antique sampler.  It is a Pennsylvania 
sampler and I titled it simply, Unfinished Sampler,
because that is what it is.  That does not take
away from the charm of it, it just makes you
wonder why it was never finished.  Joy from
has shown wonderful pictures of her stitching and
 how she aged the sampler.  She used coffee, kitchen
 bouquet, matches and sand paper.  It is just great.
You would never know it was not an antique.
Pretty scary how good we are getting at this
aging thing.  Here is one of the pictures.
Please visit her wonderful blog to see more.
This design is still available if anyone is interested.
And here is the picture of Berit's model of my
"Joyful Autumn" as I mentioned above.

If anyone else has pictures of their finishes, please send
them along in an email.  I would love to show them.

Thank all of you for liking my designs.
Many Happy Stitches,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Designs

Hello Everyone!!

First of all, I want to thank all of you for all
of your kind words about our accident.  It
meant so much to me that you took the time
to send your thoughts our way.  What a
wonderful group of ladies you are.

  I'm still sick about not being able to
be at Notforgotten Farm.  Just cannot seem to let it go.  
But since I cannot lift anything until further notice, 
it is just impossible.  Let me get the other bad news 
over with first and then I'll move on to happy stuff. 
Our car is totaled.  No surprise, but
still really upsetting.  I went to the Orthopedic 
doctor on Tuesday.  No firm diagnosis.  She
gave me medicine to take for two weeks, and if
it doesn't improve, then I will have MRI's.  So
far it is about the same.  I keep thinking I'm
going to wake up and all the pain will be gone.
Old muscles obviously don't respond very well.
OK, enough of that.

Here are my new designs that will be shown
at the St. Charles Market.  I wish I could
be there, but it was just not possible this year.

I have all kinds of new things to share with you.
You may remember that I mentioned that an
announcement was coming.  That announcement
is that I am going to have a new collection
"A Halloween Year."
This is how it will work.  Starting with
October, two designs will be released
every other month, for a total of six
shipments.  If you are interested in an
automatic shipment, just let your shoppe 
or me know.
All designs will retail for $7.00.
The first shipment will include
CS-45 - "Stitching Witch"
 I have TEN
 hand-painted - 4" X 4 1/2" 
Brown Grain Wood frames and the
Olde Brass "Star Pumpkin" button
available for the special price of $28.40
plus shipping.
Normal retail is $35.50.
This design was stitched on 30 Ct. "Straw"
hand-dyed linen by Weeks Dye Works.

The second design in this first shipment is
CS- 46 - "Brooms For Sale."
This design was stitched on 30 Ct. "Havana",
hand-dyed linen by Weeks Dye Works, and 
embellished with my Olde Brass "Squirrel"
button.  The hanger is made from Rusty
Wire with an Olde Brass "Star" threaded
through the wire.  So simple and so 
I have the embellishment pack available
that includes my Olde Brass "Star" and
"Squirrel" buttons and a piece of Rusty
Wire to make the ornament for $6.50
plus shipping.

My 2010 Annual Sampler Ornament
is next,
10SP - "Reindeer 'A Waiting".
Now we know what the reindeer are doing
while Santa is working!
This design was stitched on 30 Ct. "Mink"
by R and R Reproductions.  The "Snowflake"
brass charm is included.
This design retails for $8.00.
This completes my ANNUAL ORNAMENTS
for 2010.  I hope you like them.

And, last but not least,
No. 231 "Holiest Of Nights".
This design was such a joy to work on.  I hope
that this will be a classic that you will always
love displaying at this most special time of year.
It has traditional elements such as the sampler border
and sampler style lettering, but a little primitive in
the overall design.  I love my Olde Brass "Angels"
in the upper corners of the arch.  A cotton
trim that I had in my collection was coffee dyed.
 I am trying to find some more of this trim or something 
very similar to offer you.  Will let you know if
I have any luck.  If the blue that I used in the arch
and the border do not go in your decor, just change
both, but remember to use something in the same
tone. Don't go too light or too dark.
It is stitched on 30 Ct. "Putty" hand-dyed linen by
Weeks Dye Works.
Retail $9.00.
Hope you have enjoyed my little personal show.
If you have any questions, just email me.
Also, we now accept Paypal in addition to VISA,
Mastercard, and personal checks.  I haven't 
used Paypal yet, but it is suppose to be easy.

"Many Happy Stitches",

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What A Difference A Few Hours Make

Hello Everyone,
Hollis and I are back from our wonderful, relaxing, indulging
weekend in Nags Head, North Carolina.  The weather was
more than we could have hoped for.  Absolutely no humidity,
almost cloudless skies, and the most perfect ocean breezes.
I didn't even lug my umbrella and chairs to the beach.
The hotel provided them at a reasonable cost, so I
took advantage of that little luxury.  I must tell you that we
even had the famous "Duck Donuts" that we were told we
must have.  Oh, my gosh, were they good.  Thanks everyone
for telling me about them.
I have a few pictures to share.
lst night from our balcony
Hollis getting her feet wet
Me getting my feet wet.  
On our balcony
A beautiful morning
A late night sweet attack = room service!!

We came back to Richmond on Monday morning.
We were dreading awful traffic, but it really
wasn't too bad.  The trip down was a breeze.
No backups anywhere.  When we got home
we did some shopping for a baby shower
we were hosting for my nephew and his wife on 
Sunday and for some gifts for our dear friend Ethel's
80th birthday party.  We were feeling very good
about all we had accomplished and were about
one mile from Hollis' house and look at what 
happened to us.  
We are both very lucky.  The car hit us on my side,
but at the front of the car.  We also had damage to
the rear of the car.  I really do not understand how
that happened, but it did.
He did not stop for a stop sign.  I saw him coming
and he was probably going at least 30mph and
  obviously had no intention of stopping.  I screamed 
at Hollis and we were immediately hit and
shoved through the intersection into the oncoming
lanes.  We were so fortunate that no one was coming.
The air bags opened.  I actually thought the car
was on fire because of the smoke-like substance
in the car.  We got pretty banged up, but nothing life
threatening.  The airbags really hurt Hollis' chest
which was pretty scary and very painful.
It will take a while for the aches and pains to go
away, but we are so lucky.  A split second later
and he would have hit at the door and who knows what
kind of shape I would be in now.
 I hope the injuries to my shoulders are not long
lasting.  Believe it or not, I can still stitch, but working on
the computer has proved to be problematic along with
other duties that I must perform.
  I go to the doctor again on Tuesday.  I
 guess I will find out then what is really wrong with
my shoulders and what can be done about it.
We fear that our car was totaled.  I am
 really upset about that because it was paid for and I
planned to keep it for a few more years.
The other thing that I am upset about is that I had made
the decision to be a vendor at Norforgotten Farm's
Gathering next weekend and now I cannot be there.  
I was so looking forward to it.  I cannot drive and even if
I could my SUV is out of commission, I cannot finish all the
items I wanted to take, and I cannot set up my display
with two worthless shoulders.
Oh, well, maybe next year!!  
I will be putting  some of the things I had planned to take
there on the Blog and my Etsy site as soon as I can.
Many of you have asked when my new things will
be ready.  I am a little behind now, but hope to
show finished models in a few days.
I have emails and orders waiting and I am sorry.
Thank you for your patience.

Many Happy Stitches,

Friday, September 3, 2010

Beach Time

Hollis and I are off to Nags Head.  We are happy 
for us and happy for the North Carolina beaches.
They didn't escape the storm but it wasn't as bad
as everyone thought it was going to be.
Now we are hoping that everyone living
up the east coast will be as lucky.
I wish all of you a wonderful and safe 
Labor Day.

Many Happy Stitches,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st "Give Away" Winner

I am so excited to be awarding my first "Give Away".
The winner is going to receive several items that
I hope she will enjoy.
They are -

Hollis' Sampler Notepad

Heart Scissor Fob

A Christmas card for stitchers that
 includes a needle on the inside.
Verse on the card reads -
"Good Friends Like Cross Stitch -
The More The Merrier".
This verse will be on a new cross 
stitch pattern in the future.

And lastly my 
"Sweet Little Sewing Basket",
which includes the basket, charted
design, and polyfil.  The winner will only need 
to use a little remnant of fabric for the 
pin cushion!

Drum Roll please!!
The winner is Carol 

I don't have your last name Carol.  I will 
email you this evening.
Congratulations and I hope you like

"Many Happy Stitches",

Beach Woes

Well, guess where Hollis and I are suppose to be Friday -
Nags Head, North Carolina.  

Guess where Hollis and I
will not be on Friday.  I cannot believe this!!  We have
so looked forward to a few days away before the end
of summer.  She has not been to the beach for two
years and is having a severe case of beach withdrawal
and I just need a serious break from work.
Luckily we were able to postpone our arrival until
Saturday, hoping that Earl will be well beyond the
outer banks by then.  Wish us, and everyone 
in the path of Earl, lots of luck and a little bit
of sand and sunshine.

Also, I will be announcing the recipient of my
first "give away" this evening.  Good luck
and stay tuned.

Many Happy Stitches,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Little Look

Good Morning Everyone!!

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments. 
You have all been so kind and supportive.  
I never  realized that blogging could 
mean so much.  It's like having a whole 
room full of friends at your beck and call.

Here is a little look at one of my upcoming
Christmas designs, "Holiest Of Nights".  
Let me know what you think.

Many Happy Stitches!