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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Decorating Time I Hope

Good Evening Everyone!
I hope I will be able to start some decorating in the next
few days.  Cannot believe that I am so far behind this year.
If it hasn't been one thing, it has been something else.
The tree is still naked and I can hardly stand to look at it.
I think my husband is feeling my stress now.  He handed me
an early Christmas present a little while ago, the new
Rod Stewart Christmas album,
"Merry Christmas, Baby".  
So, I just put it in the CD player and hope it works its
magic quickly.  Even if it doesn't, it is Rod Stewart,
so it can't be bad.  He is definitely one of my favorites.  
Thank you Lehmer!  You are great!
Just have to share this great picture.  I was at Hollis'
Monday night.  We were sitting on the sofa and Chloe, their
crazy cat, jumped up and was just staring at me.  Luckily
I had my camera right there (ever ready for Avery - haha) and
snapped this.  I thought it was really special with the
Christmas tree in the background.
At least someone has their Christmas tree decorated.
Avery is really enjoying it too. Candy canes are his
favorite decoration.
I'm happy to report that the CD is fabulous.  I highly
recommend it!
Hope to be back tomorrow.  Good night!


  1. Cute pics of Avery and Chloe.
    Hope you get your decorations up soon. :)
    That's good to know about the CD.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Remember: the manger had no tree, lights, or fancy trimmings and yet Christmas still came in all its splendor and glory! Stay calm, breathe deep and enjoy the true meaning of the season! By the way...
    my tree isn't even up yet!
    Many Christmas Blessings to you,
    Diane Grick
    Silver Creek Samplers