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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thank You

Good Morning Everyone!
This is a picture I forgot last night.  My 
sister, Carla, crocheted this beautiful baby
blanket for Avery.
Thank you for your wonderful comments both
on the blog and the emails that I am receiving.
Hollis had a vision of what she wanted.  It took
work on her part to find everything, but she "did 
good".   Some of you asked where she got things.  
The rug and the prints came from the internet. 
 I agree, the rug was just the finishing touch she was 
looking for.  The prints are so cute and she just put 
them in great big white frames with a mat.  So a 
little print became something special.  
The old corner cupboard she bought years ago
for hardly any money.  All it needed was a new
coat of paint.  The cute little table beside the
chair was Paul's and he agreed to let us paint
that too.  The chair was a find at IKEA, as
well as the curtains.  If you want  beyond 
reasonably priced curtains that is the place to
go.  That great mirror came from Hobby Lobby.  
Hollis is a shopper and a bargain hunter
like her mom.  We have fun looking for a deal.
Anyway, thanks again. 

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  1. I love how inexpensive and versatile many ikea products are. I also love how "ready to use" and "complete solution" they are, OR you can get really creative and mod your purchases.

    I also like to check out their as-is section and other clearance items. Last year I bought a slipcover for the sofa version of the chair you have in pastel pink canvas for well under $10 (new). I don't even have that style of sofa, but the price couldn't be matched for all that upholstery-weight fabric. (Of course the color can be altered as it's so light as well).

    Sorry for that little rabbit trail there; I also enjoy hunting a bargain! But sometimes it's a treat to get what I want when I want it. I'll do that if I'm truly "Sure" sometimes.