Welcome to my blog. I'm probably very much like all of you who love the needlearts. My life revolves around family, friends, home and all things that help to make for a more contented life. When time allows; cooking, gardening, decorating, and collecting are my joys. I look forward to sharing all of these things with you. I also hope to keep you up to date on what is going on at Homespun Elegance, in regard to the needlework designs and the "Plain & Fancy Wares" that we offer.

Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Little Glimpse

Good Evening Everyone!
I'm gathering all of my stuff to head back to Richmond
in the morning.  I haven't seen Avery since Tuesday
so I am anxious to see that sweet little face.  
Sunday nights are always crazy though because I
have to decide what I am going to try to work on
when there, and since I cannot make a decision, I carry
two or three bags of projects.  Ask me how much I get
done when there.  Not much!  It is all about Avery, 
which is as it should be.
Anyway, since I don't get much blogging done when
away, I wanted to share a little glimpse of a new
design.  Hope you like it.  July 4th will be here
before we know it, so I have a few small designs
in the works for you.  
There will be two designs in this leaflet.  The one
on the right is a miniature "Patriotic Landscape",
a larger design that I did a few years ago.
I love doing miniature anything, painting as well as
stitching.  Trying to get as much as possible into a little  
space is so much fun.
Hope you are intrigued by the little glimpse.

Many Happy Stitches,


  1. I like the minis, but I also like Patriotic Landscape. I'd like to put it on my wishlist. Is it still available for purchase?

  2. I love Patriotic patterns I have a landing with all my Patriotic stitching on it I will have to do this one and add to my collection.

  3. They look nice, can't wait to see more.

  4. Sandra I am loving the new designs. I just got the patriotic landscape when you had your sale. I saw it stitched and it is adorable. Any idea whe the painting you did on the stool will be available in cross stitch. Have fun with Avery. I enjoy every moment spent with my grandkids.

    1. Hi Pat,
      Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I have not forgotten my promise to do Avery's stool design. My intentions are good, just have not gotten to it. When I do it, there will be some slight changes because Hollis wants his to be special. Can't blame her for that. I hope to produce it as a print as well, and I will then personalize it for each child. So many things to do, so little time. I'm so happy to know that I will have at least one sale for the cross stitch version.
      Thanks, Pat, for being patient.
      Many Happy Stitches,

  5. Lovin your new little minis!! I have an Americana living room and enjoy stitching things to go in there.
    Thanks for the peek.