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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Give Away Winner and Correction

Good Morning Everyone!
Do you think I like cookie cutters?  I really am just a 
little bit ridiculous about them.  It is exciting though
to think that in a few months I will have a special 
little one to make cookies for again.  
The winner of my "Give Away" is
from  StitchinSweetSue.
I have already sent you an email this morning and all
I need now is your mailing address.  Hope you like it!! 
Thank all of you who sent me a comment and became
followers.  It is so gratifying to know that their are
wonderful people out their who share my love of
needlework and all sorts of other things.  You all make
my days so much more special.
A number of you commented and asked about the eggs.
Here is another picture of ones that I dyed.
Note the one on the top.  I used a fern frond for the design.
If you want to try this, you just place the fern or leaf
on the egg.  Wrap it tightly with cheese cloth and
use either a rubber band or twist tie to secure.  Place
it in your dye pot and pull out every few minutes
until you get it as dark as you want it. 
Some of you asked about them smelling.  
This is my experience.
I mentioned in an earlier blog that I hard boil the
eggs before dyeing and then keep them from year to
year in a plastic bin with a tight lid.  I have had a few
crack and they do smell awful if they haven't dried up
completely.  Eventually, the yolk dries though
and when you shake the egg you can hear it rattling
around.  I haven't had one crack in this state, so it
might still smell a little if broken, but if not broken
there is no smell.  They are well worth the risk.  I
have had these for years.  I forgot to mention this.
For added protection, I put them in egg cartons and
then put them in the plastic bin (the ones you use
for shoes works fine).  Hope this answers your
questions.  You still have plenty of time to have
them for Easter.  To get the onion skins, I just
asked at the grocery store if I could have their
loose skins and they gladly let me.  Of course,
if you eat enough onions, you can collect
your own.  The more onion skins you use in
your pot, the darker your dye will be.  It is
really just trial and error.  I like for them to be
different shades of brown.
I hate to tell you this, but in the crazy state of
mind Faye and I were in before Nashville, we
really messed up.  If you bought "Delivering Spring
Blossoms", look at the cover picture.  Note the
lack of a pull cord.  Not only did I not graph the
cord, I didn't stitch it either.  If you look on the
right side of the blog you will see the omission.  A 
 very nice lady called this to our attention.  She wasn't 
upset about it so I hope none of you will be either.  Here
 is the section of the graph that now has the pull cord.
I'm so sorry, but I'm soooo happy that she found it
before anymore of them were shipped.  We sold
out of it in Nashville so their are many of the
floating around.
For those shoppes who read the blog, I will be
fixing the problem on future books.  I will send
a corrected graph to my Autos so you can put it in
any remaining leaflets or give to your customers
who have already purchased it.  
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday filled with
"Many Happy Stitches",


  1. Congrats to Sue on her winnings! I love your cookie cutter collection - looks like you have some great ones there! Do you switch them out with the seasons & holidays? Just wonderin' - cuz it looks like these are all sheep & chicks & flowers! CUTE!

  2. We can be so hard on ourselves... the pull cord was just a few tiny lil' stitches. I'm sure everyone understands. Mistakes happen... and none of us are perfect. Your patterns are a delight. An imperfection now and then just makes them that much better.



  3. Congratulations to Sue! I don't have many cookie cutters but I do collect cookie stamps. I used them often when my children were young and I'm hoping to put them to good use again when my grandchildren visit.