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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Do You Need A Smile~

Good Evening Everyone!
Just in case you need a smile or a little laugh,
I thought I might be able to make that happen.
Since we are all getting ready for Halloween,
Avery thinks he should be getting ready too.
He is three years old and seems to be
excited about Halloween.  He wanted
nothing to do with it - no costume, no treats,
nothing until now.  So everyone
is looking forward to a fun time this year.
He says he wants to be a Ghost-Witch.
Hollis and I took him to a little market
the other day that had a wonderful
selection of pumpkins.  Just the
right amount for him to play around.
Just need to share, hope you don't mind.
Jumping for joy!!! 
 Pumpkins as big as he is~
So excited!!!
 With Mommy
So sweet!
"Memories Made"


  1. oh my, how and when did avery get to be three?! darling boy, hope he enjoys his treats. xo

  2. Oh, he is getting so big. :)
    He looks like he is very excited to be in the Pumpkin Patch.
    Love his little Pumpkin shirt.
    What great, cute memories.

  3. How sweet! I just love pumpkin patches!

  4. Sandra! He's THREE???? Cute as heck at any age but how did he get to be 3 already?