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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!
I hope all of you have some fun plans
for tonight.  We live right far off of the 
street and the houses are not very close
together, so we never have very many
Trick or Treaters.  When our children
were small, we always had Halloween
parties so they could get together.
I have a picture to share of me with Cameron
and Hollis before one of the Halloween
parties.  Hollis was almost three
and Cameron was seven.  
(I can't believe how old I am.)
They were so cute.  I always tried to
make their costumes and I definitely
made these.  I was always a hobo.
You can see some of the food on the table.  I
had a big galvanized tub that we used to
bob for apples.  Somewhere I have a 
picture of Hollis attempting that.  Now I am
so germ crazy, I would never allow my
kids to do that.
If you look between me and Hollis, you 
will see one of the first designs I did.
There were two pies in the leaflet.
Now, the funny thing is Avery has never
really liked Halloween.  He screamed
and screamed when he was one.  Hated
being put in the costume.  Last year
he was a golfer and refused to wear the
hat.  He didn't understand what
Halloween was, so when he got to
someones door (the neighbors), he
wanted to walk in and when Hollis
wouldn't let him he started crying.
Hollis is hoping that this will be
his first fun Halloween.  He said he wanted
to be a Ghost/Witch ~whatever that is.
She got him a Witch hat and he loved
that.  Got him a ghost costume and he
refused to wear it.  So, she got a black
pillow case and I cut out the neck and
the sleeves and this is how he looked
He loved every second of Trick or Treating.
Did not want to stop! 
 Back at home with his haul.
The caption should be
"Mine~all mine"
Hope you have time to enjoy
"Many Haunted Stitches" tonight,


  1. Thank goodness he caught on with this Halloween thing! It's a right of passage for every child. Can't believe T-giving is right around the corner.

  2. Aww sweet
    Happy Halloween dear x

  3. That's one cute Witch!
    That pic of Hollis when she was small looks just like a lot like Avery. :)

  4. Lots of memories made this evening - so glad he enjoyed it. My little one loved it this year also - such fun xx

  5. Glad your little guy enjoyed himself. Basic black is always a hit!