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Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Wonderful Day!

Hi Everyone!
All of you who have been following my
blog for the last three years have met our
little grandson, Avery.
Well, Avery turned three yesterday.
I still cannot believe he is that old.  The
time has just flown by, with all of us
experiencing some of the most joyous
times of our lives.
Hollis just revels in planning his
birthday parties, with each year 
just as clever and cute as the last.
This year Avery is really into construction
equipment, as are all little boys it seems.
I just felt like I had to share a little
bit of Avery's party.
In awe of his cake!
They had the best time painting!
The end of a perfect day~such joy!
This is what makes it all worthwhile~
At the end of the party, after all the little kids
had left~
Avery said, 
"I love my friends" 
"I want my party back".
Aren't those the cutest things you have ever heard
 from a 3 year old.
Of course, I realize I might be just a
little bit prejudiced.
I love being a Grammie!
Thanks for indulging me!


  1. He is getting so big, it's hard to believe he's 3 already.
    I bet that was a cute party, and glad you all had fun.
    The cake is cute too.

  2. Of course you had to share; being a Grammy is the best!! He is a huge part of your heart. His cake is wonderful; I love the hard hats they wore. And thank you for sharing!

  3. THREE??? I was surprised to see that. Why does time pass a little faster every year? That's a great family snapshot.

  4. Already three? That just doesn't seem possible. He's just so adorable and what a beautiful family picture

  5. What a fun Birthday Party. I love Avery's cake. Looks like a fun time was had by all... I have loved watching him grow!