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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New "Goodies" Almost Ready

Hi Everyone!
Spring is coming believe it or not, even though
we had new snow and ice all day yesterday.
So much so that my appointment with the ENT
for my ear pain, had to be postponed.  
Wouldn't be such a big deal except for the
fact that I have waited 3 1/2 weeks to get it.
Now I have to wait another two weeks for
a new appointment.  Hope this ear thing
doesn't get even worse.  So over this
winter.  I know my area hasn't had it
as badly as other areas, but when it comes, it 
always manages to mess up something important.
Faye wasn't able to come to work today because
of the road conditions, so we are even more behind.
Will it ever end~
Hoping to get these new designs shipped next
week, so I wanted to let you know about them.
If you are interested please let your shoppe
owner know.  If you can't get them, just let
me know.
"Delivering Yummy Goodness"
The finishing is not done yet, of
course, but at least you can see
the finished design.  The rick rack
is from R & R Reproductions and
the embellishments are from me.
"Spring Eggs IV"
Three adorable little eggs with sweet sampler
borders and adorable Easter/Spring motifs.
The "Nubby" trim and embellishments are
available from me.
*~*~*Needle Case Series*~*~*
Some of you have asked if you can get the series
through your Shoppes.  Of course you can as long
as they are willing to take orders for the series.
The designs will be available to shoppes as the
design only, which they order from distributors and 
me, but if you want it with my embellishments included,
you must sign up for the series.
Hope this make sense to everyone~
Please let me know if you have any questions.  I 
am really tickled with the response so far.
"Many Happy Stitches"


  1. Cute, new designs.
    The Eggs are really pretty.

  2. What sweet designs. I love the "YUM" design. Even though I have not had to deal with all the snow of my friends up north this winter has been way to cold for me I can't wait for spring :)

  3. What wonderful new designs! It's such a treat to see a taste of spring!

  4. Hi everyone! I'm sorry I did not thank you for commenting on my new designs. I just have to chalk it up to too much work and an old brain. Your comment are always so appreciated.
    Many Happy Stitches,