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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Need Your Input on Marking Sampler

Hi Again!
2nd post in one afternoon, what in the
world could that mean?
Well, what it means is I don't know what
to do and I need your input~
Here is my progress on the
"Marking Sampler "
So many of you have been asking
about its progress and I'm sorry
I've neglected to post some
Well, believe it or not, I am almost
finished, with the exception of
the simple, dreaded border
situation.  As you can see
in the picture of the original,
the stitcher obviously meant to
fill in a lot more area with more
wonderful somethings.
Well, she didn't, so my question
to you is do you want me to graph
it with the entire area bordered in.
My thinking right now is that I
am not going to stitch the
sampler leaving the space blank.
I will just stitch that border 
that is at the bottom under the last
stitched line.  Once again, though
you may disagree with me
and I want to know what do you think.
Note that the last line of short
letters was not completed, so I
am going to add my initials,
date, and a repeat of some of
the unique motifs that were 
used in the sampler.  Some of
you, I know are more of a 
purist and will probably leave
it blank.  I have pondered this
dilemma too, and I'm leaning
on stitching my name.  Of course,
that could change, who knows.
At my age I seem to have
a problem with making a 
I love this sampler and it has
been a long time coming, I know.
Hope it was worth the wait.
Of course, I still have to graph it
and print it.  Any volunteers on
the graphing?  HaHa  It is the least
favorite part of the designing 
Here goes~
My progress~
Showing the unfinished area and the space left 
for possible personalizing~
 Some of the wonderful motifs~
Another close up~
Please let me know what you think.  I
will be waiting to hear from you.
"Many Happy Sampler Stitches",


  1. I wouldn't put the boder all around and putting you initials in the blank area works. I used to stitch reproductions exactly as they were and as I got older and stitched more of them I thought this sampler was originally done by a particular individual not me so why not change things..there can only be 1 original

  2. My thinking is to stitch it the way you like, with initials, filled in border, etc, but make certain to indicate in the instructions what could be left off if one wanted to stitch it 'pure.'

  3. I agree with Donna there can only be 1 original.
    Borders are important sometimes borders can make or break a design. Marking samplers are different the letters are the focus . Age .. not .. keep them guessing
    It's beautiful!!
    Darlene N

  4. This sampler is absolutely beautiful. I love it in the original way. The colors are stunning! Can't wait to get the pattern from you!!!

  5. My two cents would be to finish the border and do your name/date In void. I like the idea of pattern notes for reference for original. Certainly being able to chart as desired is just what you should do. Your colors are excellent... Kris Hansen Anderson.

  6. I agree with Robin, indicate where the original design ends and your additions begin. I am not a purest, so I would add my name, date and motifs.

  7. Decisions decisions! Since you asked ~ I like the bottom border right under the last line, and a motif or two with the antique's year to finish the row.

  8. Hmmm I think I am agree with marly too :)
    Happy stitching x

  9. I agree with Lauri its beautiful as it is xx

  10. I can be as doubtfull as you are ;-) but with this one it is very clear to me: I also would stitch the border right under the last row. Maybe a little space to indicate that the Original sampler had not been finished. And I Always mark my samplers as stitched by me.

    greetings from the Netherlands

  11. I would put my initials and motifs as suggested. I hate borders but agree with Marly and cucki.


  12. I would leave it original if it were me. That's my two cents!

  13. Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions. I think I have decided what to do and I'll let it be a surprise. I hope I will please everyone. You were all so sweet to take your time to answer me. Hope you like it when it is finished. Almost there!