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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Your Shopping Pleasure

Good Afternoon Everyone!
How cold is it in your neck of the woods.  It is
freezing here, the wind is howling, and the 
leaves are blowing.  Definitely feels like
Christmas is on its way.  I'm devoting this
afternoon to offering you some little gift
items you might like.  If I have time I hope
to offer you some more after
Thanksgiving, but still in plenty of time
for Christmas giving or maybe for
gifting to yourself.
If you see anything you want, just email me.
All prices include the shipping.  You can pay
using Paypal (need your email address), Visa,
Mastercard, and check.
Sorry, but I am only shipping in the USA
at this time.
Pincushion Basket Necklace
I have distressed a tiny basket and added
a pincushion and two black pins.  The
little spool is wrapped with floss.  If
you want another color floss, it can be
easily removed and rewrapped.  The black
cord is finished at a generous 38".
$19.50 includes the shipping.
 Pincushion Basket Stitching Necessaire 
 I added a "vintage" pin.
Measures 5 1/2" high including the handle.
It is 4 1/2"  wide and 2 1/2" deep.
$18.50 includes the shipping.
I only have this one.
  Scissor Stitching/Pincushion Box 
with my sheep
waxer included.  It is made from paper mache which
I distressed.  It measures 3 1/2" long X 2 1/2" wide X
and 2 1/2" high.
$18.50 includes the shipping.
I only have this one.
 Ornaments hand-painted by me.
8" Snowman
$8.50 includes the shipping.
Only have one.
 4" Sheep
$7.50 includes the shipping.
I have 4 and will adjust shipping if
you want more.
4" Reindeer
$7.50 includes the shipping.
I have 4 and will adjust shipping if
you want more.
 4" Christmas Landscape
$7.50 includes the shipping.
I have three and will adjust shipping if
you want more.
 "Joy Hanging" 
was hand appliqued by me.
It is applique using wool felt and trimmed
with "vintage style" tinsel.  It is stuffed with
polyfil and would be perfect as a pillow too.
It measures 12" high (not counting the hanger)
X 7" wide.  The holly berries are made with
Colonial Knots.
$29.00 includes the shipping.
I only have one.
  Christmas Stockings  
Made from "Warm and Natural" that I have
distressed and embellished with glitter.  The stars
are appliqued and embellished with "vintage" buttons.
A wonderful curly wool trim is added to the point.
They are about 18" long not counting the hanger.
$11.50 includes the shipping
 "Sampler Gift Bags"
You will receive 15 bags for your gift giving.  Won't
your stitching friends love receiving a little gift in
these.  They are the standard lunch bag size.
$8.50 includes the shipping.  If you want more than
one collection, just add $1.50 more in shipping.

 "Reproduction Redware Plates"
About 6" in diameter.  I love these ~ they look so
antique.  I have two of these.
$13.00 includes the shipping.

"Ironstone Platter Fillled With
Lovely Things"
$28.00 includes the shipping
Platter measures 10" X 7 1/2"
Includes three sections of "Vintage" edging,
4 "Vintage" buttons, a sheep waxer poured by me,
a good size piece of crocheted medallions that 
could be cut apart if you wanted to, 
and a Shirt Waist Set (missing one pin but still
wonderful).  What a great gift for someone who loves
these "Vintage" items, to be displayed as is.
"Scissor Pin"
Do you like a little bling or know someone who
does?  How much fun would it be to wear this to 
a needlework function!!!!
I found this at an antique shop, although it is
not an antique, but just couldn't leave it there.
I just knew someone would love it.
$20.00 includes the shipping,
 "Hooked Corn"
Set of three hooked ears.  
Corn is 5" long - 10" long including husk.
$15.00 includes shipping
"Abundant Compote" 
Decoupaged Box including a bag of "Balsam"
$17.00 includes the shipping
I have three of these.
This print of my painting inspired a cross 
stitch pattern which I will include for an
additional $3.00.
"Needles and Pins"
Stitching/Pincushion Necessaire Box
The box is distressed with a lovely stencil border.
Box measures 4" X 4" and is 2" tall.
Embellished with a brass scissor charm.
$35.00 which includes the shipping.
I only have one.
I hope you find something you cannot live 
"Many Merry Stitches",


  1. loverly little bits of homespun goodness my friend!
    keeping warm by the wood stove with my stitching :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours ~

  2. Such lovely offerings my friend x