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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Look What Is Coming

Good Afternoon!
I know there are many of you that like "marking
samplers" and I think this is the queen of "marking
samplers".  I know Marly of Samplers and Santas Blog 
loves them.  What do you think Marly?  
Faye (who works with me) found
this wonderful sampler and has allowed me
to reproduce it.  I don't know whether to thank her
or smack her.  This looked like an easy "repro" ~
NOT.  It is stitched on a tightly woven, nubby
cotton.  Very hard to count, stitched over two but
not counted correctly between letters, just a
nightmare.  But it will be so worth it.  I've been
working on this for a few months now and this
is all I have gotten stitched.  I have tried to stitch a few
letters or motifs every few night, but of course, I cannot
always get to it because all of my other 
stitching gets in the way.  
My question to you is, 
"Would you like me to keep you 
informed of my progress
every few weeks?"  
If so, I plan to keep track of your
comments on the Blog (not Facebook, please, too
hard to keep track of).  
The people who comment on each of my blog
posts will be put in a drawing, and you will
receive a copy of this wonderful sampler plus
something else wonderful.

My newest designs, 
"Americans Care About Each Other"
"Wicked Fancy Boot" 
from my
Halloween Year II
have been shipped to distributors and my AUTOS,
and put in my ETSY Shoppe.  Hope you love them.
I think they turned out well.
I'll be back soon with some more great things for your
shopping pleasure.  I still have some of my
"CELEBRATE THE USA" Ltd. Ed. kits.
$21.00 ~ this includes the frame and the shipping.
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. I would like an update on your progress! I have not done a marking sampler yet--but it is on my bucket list of things to do! Love the looks of this one. Great find!

  2. Your patterns are gorgeous. I definitely want to be kept up-to-date on your progress. It is nice to see projects with work getting done unlike mine. :-(

  3. I would love to continue to see your progress. Love the way your stitching looks.

  4. OMGOSH....this is an amazing marking sampler. I love them and of course NEED to be updated on your progress:) It is coming along beautifully Sandra and will be well worth the effort when completed. This will definitely be a MUST HAVE for me. So excited!!!

  5. Yes, please, keep us updated on your progress. This is gorgeous! Thank you!

  6. Wow so beautiful..very pretty sampler..I love it..
    I would like an update on your progress! It is really so sweet..
    Love cucki x

  7. LOVE the marking sampler. Yes! Please! Keep us up to day. Love your new designs, too!

  8. Yes! Please keep us updated about the marking sampler! It's stunning!!!

  9. Yes - love it, please keep updating your progress!

  10. I love samplers! This one is gorgeous. Keep us apprised of your progress!

  11. Yes! Please keep us updated. I love it so far.

  12. I'd be delighted to receive updates. They're always so inspiring. And this one is so very lovely.

  13. Oh be still my heart! I love marking samplers and certainly want to be kept in the know...... It looks simply wonderful!

  14. Yes please. Keep us updated. I love to see the progress.

  15. OMG Sandra please update whenever you can on this sampler. Love it and want it.

  16. Of course we want to be updated about the Sampler and every other darling thing you're into!

  17. Would love to be updated on your progress. I so look forward to everything you post, stitch, design and stories of Avery.

  18. Wow that is gorgeous. Can't wait to see it grow.

  19. Sandra it is a beautiful sampler. I want to be kept up with your progress.. It is amazing...

  20. Samplers are my fave.... this one is beautiful! Yes.... Please keep us up-to-date with your progress!!

  21. That's a difficult one....when you keep us informed you'll have less time counting and stitching and charting.

    But yes, keep us informed. This is such a beauty.
    I can picture mine already....all in red ;-)

  22. Wow! Looks like you have a huge task ahead with that one, but it is beautiful and will be worth it. Can't wait to see the finish. Looking forward to your updates!

  23. Yes please leep posting updates I like to stitch marking sampler

  24. I'd love to see your progress. I love samplers and this one looks exquisite. But where's the W? I love to see W's. My initial through marriage. Hope there's one in there somewhere.

  25. Would love to see progress!! Are those two dogs I see?

  26. I would love to see your progress. The sampler looks so interesting.

  27. I love this sampler. Such a beautiful color. I would love to watch your progress!


  28. I like it! The lettering syles are different than the majority of marking samplers so this would certainly be an interesting change.

  29. Very interesting! I would be interested in seeing your progress.
    Hugs :)

  30. Its always a pleasure to watch others stitch, i love the neutral colours of this sampler - you didnt mention the fabric count you are using or threads, will this be an exact reproduction, mistakes and all? Amanda

  31. That's going to be a beauty when done.
    Can't wait to get Wicked Fancy Boot!

  32. The sampler is beautiful, and I would love to follow your progress.Good luck! Nancy

  33. Love the sampler and yes I'd enjoy watching the process.


  34. Oh yes please...I'd love to follow your progress on this sampler. It's gorgeous so far! Bless you for working so hard on reproducing it.

  35. I would like to keep p with your progress. You seem to be doing really well so far.

  36. Would love to see your progress on the sampler. Another must have.

  37. Please keep us posted, please

  38. Oh yes, please keep up posted on your progress.
    It is such a beautiful sampler!

  39. The Marking Sampler is so lovely, I would love to keep up with your progress! Thanks for sharing your updates :)

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  40. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this beautiful sampler!

  41. Oh wow, how did I miss this? I can't wait to see more progress on this sampler!

  42. This is such a beautiful sampler, the soft colors really speak of the treasure of older needlework. I will love to watch the progress of it. Nancy
    5kuelbs at earthlink dot com