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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Celebrate USA

Good Evening Everyone!
I found a number of these wonderful little
blue frames in my storage unit and decided
I needed to do something patriotic for
them.  I don't have enough to offer all
the shoppes out there, but enough to
offer all of my Blog, Facebook, and Etsy
friends.  I hope these few kits will find
good homes.  Spread the word if you
know someone else who might like one.
~~Complete Kit for $21.00~~
You will get everything - 
28 count linen
 DMC floss
 Tiny brass "star" charm.  

The frame measures 3 1/2" High X 4" Wide.
You will get everything - the design, frame,
28 count linen, DMC floss, and the tiny brass
"star" charm.  
All of this for 
which includes the shipping. (Shipping in the USA -
more out of the country)
I hope you love it.  I think it is really cute.  Sheep
and flags ~ what more can you ask for.
If you want one of these, I take Paypal, Visa,
Master Card, and check.  If using Paypal, I need
the email address connected to your account.  If
you want to use a credit card, please call us or
email your info in two emails for security.
Payment information must be given for me
to hold one of these for you.  
Once again we are on storm alert starting
around 9:30 tonight through tomorrow
evening, with a little break during the day.
Oh great, something else to send my stress
level through the roof.  Boy do I wish we had
never built a house in the middle of the woods.
We've been paying for that decision for
30+ years.  Wish us luck and all the other
areas in the country that will be affected by
this huge storm.
I'll be back tomorrow with some more news.
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. These are too cute hun; I'd love one but don't get paid til the 22nd? If that's not too long to hold one I'll understand.. :) Just let me know.. ssharlene0320@yahoo.com


  2. Very cute! I would like to purchase one. I can mail you a check or pay with a cc.

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