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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Hi Everyone!
I wonder if any of you out there in Blog land
get as frustrated with computers and all the
confusion that goes along with having to live
in a "technical" world.  Well, I hate them
and only do it because I have to.  Not a week
goes by that I wouldn't like to throw them out
of a window and never look back.  If it
wasn't for my son, Cameron, helping me all
of the time, I would have given up long ago.
Well, I want to share a picture with you
that I think will bring a smile to your face.
Avery staring at a computer screen with
a look of "exasperation".   Truly though
he probably knows more about computers 
at 22 months than I do.  I certainly know that
he likes them more than I do.

He was looking at a Fisher Price program about
learning the alphabet.  Such concentration.
So cute.  
Believe me I don't look cute when I am glaring
at the computer screen.
Back soon!


  1. he is so cute! he reminds me of my grandson at that age. denise

  2. With that look of determination, he'll figure out Windows 8 before I do.

  3. Absolutely adorable!! The 18 month old next door is quicker than me!

  4. Hi Sandra,
    YES!!! I certainly have a LOVE/HATE relationship with my computer too and without my hubby to help, I would NOT be on here!! He always tells me to look at how far I have come, but just when I think I have gotten the hang of something, the UPGRADE IT, or IMPROVE IT, or just CHANGE IT!!! My poor brain just can't keep up!! Your little Avery is just adorable and I love the various expressions.....PRICELESS!!
    My two sweetpeas Bella and Sophia are already using smart phones at 23 months and 3!!! Guess I can depend on them to keep me current!!
    Thanks for sharing and just know you are not alone!!

    1. Hi Julie,
      I have three times to reply to you and it keeps returning the email.
      Just goes to show you what I said about computers is so true. Avery and your grandchildren are so into this stuff. It just amazes me.
      Thank you about your comment about Avery. He has so much personality. Makes taking pictures so much fun.

  5. Too cute!
    He looks so intense in the 2nd pic. lol

  6. Great set of pics. So serious and then such a rewarding smile. Can't say I have all that much frustration with computers, I'm hooked big time and I probably would not know how to function for even a day without one. Good that you have someone close to help. My hubby is a wiz so if ever I get stumped I have him close too :)

  7. OMG, the expressions on his little face are just priceless! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh my goodness, he is so cute. Fisher Price needs him in one of their commercials!

  9. What a sweetheart Avery is, Sandra.
    His expressions are priceless. I can relate with the computer issues. I'm certain that my expressions mirrored Avery's from time to time in front of the crazy screen.

    He is a blessing to you and your family.

  10. Oh My Goodness! You are all so sweet to comment on our precious Avery.
    He has brought such joy and now that he is older his little personality is as sweet as he looks. Don't get me wrong, he can still throw a good fit, but he gets over it quickly. Thanks for letting me share him with you.

  11. Oh my he is the sweetest little boy and look at the concentration on his face - thank you for sharing his expressions with us x