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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Spring!

Good Evening Everybody!
What a  wonderful "spring-like" day it has been.
Lehmer and I actually got out in the yard.  I supervised
and he did a major pruning on our dozens of
boxwoods.  If you have seen pictures of our yard,
you know they are massive.  After 30+ years of
growing, it is a never ending process.  Every few
years they have to get a major hair cut to whip
them back in shape. 
He has some more to do tomorrow, but we 
definitely put a dent in it today.  Next on the list
is digging up ugly, overgrown azaleas.  I'm going
to let them bloom and then bye-bye.
I'm also killing my front flower bed.  The 
perennials and seeding plants have just taken
over, to the point that it just look like a tall
field of stuff last year.  I can't stand it anymore.
Sometime it is just good to start over.  This
time I'm going to do a large mulched area
with specimen plants.  I'll have to share my
progress as it happens.
Also, I've done a little Spring decorating.  I
won't do a lot for Easter, since no one is 
coming home.  We will be going to Richmond
and having brunch where Paul is Head Chef.
Unfortunately, he never gets to share holiday
meals with us because he is feeding hundreds
of people in Richmond.  So sad!  
Here is my kitchen window all decked out
with my "vintage" Easter rabbits.

The eggs in the white bowl are ones that I dyed
with onion skins years ago.  I store them in egg
cartons and they have survived all this time.
Just love them!
Do you remember these guys.  They are back in print.
I was so tickled to see Mr. Hare shown here.
I hope Samplers and Santas doesn't mind me linking
to her Blog.  Love her blog by the way.
 Look closely at the wonderful "vintage" hand painted
egg.  A lot of the paint has come off but it is still

Hope all of you are fine.  I have had a good and
productive day.  Now I am heading to my chair with
my heating pad and my stitching.
Hope to be back tomorrow.
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. Happy Spring to you too Sandra!
    Beautiful Vintage Easter display.

  2. Love your Easter -spring decorating .
    I made the same bunny many years ago. I still love him.

    I just might have to make miss Hare.


  3. Beautiful spring decor! I pulled out all of mine yesterday but I'm lacking in bunnies. Your vintage pieces are just gorgeous! It's wonderful to see the Hare designs released again.

  4. Thanks everyone for your nice words. Spring is a fun time to decorate. It doesn't take too much effort to lighten things up a bit. I just wish Avery was going to be here Easter (we are going there), but he really doesn't understand everything yet anyway. Happy Spring,

  5. Nice pics!
    I understand about flower beds. I have two berms in the front yard that just need to be taken out!

  6. Thank you Cinlyn for writing me. Still working on these borders. What a job!