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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fun Finds

Hi Everyone,
I am happy to report that I had a really fun time
yesterday.  It started out with my physical
therapy, which wasn't all that much fun,
but it is helping.  So that is a good thing.
From there I went into Olde Towne
Fredericksburg and did some antiquing.
I never seem to have the time anymore,
but I am going to have to start carving out
some time for me.  I realize how much I
miss looking, if nothing else.
Happy to report that my looking paid off,
for me and the dealer.  Found some great
stuff that I'm going to put on Etsy soon.
In the mean time look what I found
for me. 
I have a pretty large collection of the
tomato pincushions.  A lot of them are
made from fabrics other than the typical
red.  Yesterday I found another one that
had faded to orange, so I stacked it along 
with some others that I had and made my
version of a stack of pumpkins.  I
just love it.
The other wonderful thing I found is this
great stool.  I love anything scrolly.
(Is that a word?)
Sometime I will have to show you all
of my stools.  Told myself I didn't need
another one, but you can see I didn't
convince myself.
Just had to share.
Have a great weekend with
"Many Happy Stitches",


  1. Great finds Sandra! I love checking out antiques as well but there's not much around here.

  2. Your stack of pincushions is so pretty and so is your new stool. My love is for anything with a lollipop top. I have quite the collection.
    Glad you enjoyed your day!

  3. Seems I have to "make" time to go antiquing too, but when I do I'm usually rewarded with a treasure as you were. Very nice finds. I especially like the stool...love the style of it.

  4. I love the way you are decorating the faded pin cushion is adorable, love your bolg.