Welcome to my blog. I'm probably very much like all of you who love the needlearts. My life revolves around family, friends, home and all things that help to make for a more contented life. When time allows; cooking, gardening, decorating, and collecting are my joys. I look forward to sharing all of these things with you. I also hope to keep you up to date on what is going on at Homespun Elegance, in regard to the needlework designs and the "Plain & Fancy Wares" that we offer.

Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Coma

Greetings Everyone!

Until now I had successfully avoided candy corn.  My will 
power escaped me today and as I sit here in front of the
computer I am munching away.  So before I lapse into
a sugar induced coma, I need to get started on this
blog entry.  
It has been a long week.  We have worked so hard
to finish the models for the two new publications and
get them photographed.  We hope to ship to our
distributors and shoppes the latter part of next week.
"Four-Square Christmas" 
is an olde-fashioned design with some of my favorite 
things.  The hangers for the ornaments are made from 
vintage-inspired glass beads.  I love the way they turned 
out.  We will have a limited amount of the beads 
available.  Let us know if you would like some of them.
"Be Joyous"
is part of my Majestic Christmas series.  I love 
traditional designs just as much as my country/
folk art designs.  I use both of these wonderful
styles in my home and hope to share some pictures
of how I decorate with needlework for the
holidays in the coming months.  This design is
reminiscent of typical Dutch themes using birds
and hearts.  Though not necessarily thought of
as Christmas themes,  I thought it came together
nicely.  The Cupboard Hanger will look really
great in my dining room hanging from the
key in the linen press.  
Hope you are ready to start your Christmas 
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. I really love traditional designs too and I'm just squealing over Be Joyous. I've added to my must haves. Fabulous!

  2. I'm with Nan on this one. Be Joyous jumped out at me right away. I really want to stitch this one! More and more I'm attracted to this type of stitch. We have a lot of Dutch folk in my neck of the woods and I've seen a lot of this type of design in their homes.
    Your hard work has paid off with some really lovely designs!

  3. Both are great...of course "Be Joyous" is my favorite! Hard to believe we're thinking of Christmas. Happy Weekend!

  4. I'm joyous to see "Be Joyous," Sandra! I just love it...I stitch Christmas things year round and this will definitely be on my "must stitch" list very soon!

  5. Four Square Christmas is sweet but Be Joyous is just gorgeous. Will definitely be on my to stitch list this holiday season.

  6. Sandra,

    Both of these new designs are wonderful! Thank you. I am going to drop everything I am currently stitching when Be Joyous becomes available. It is a "Must Stitch" for me.

  7. Sandra, I love your "Be Joyous" and I can't wait to see how you decorate your home for Christmas with all your cross stitch.