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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Just Catching Up!

Good Afternoon!
I hope this post finds all of you happy and well!
My apologies for being so long in sharing
wilh all of you, but if you will recall~Hollis, Paul,
and Avery have been in the process of selling their
home and then moving home with us while their 
new home is being built.  
This is going to be a fun filled few months,
but getting moved out and moved here was
less than fun for Hollis and her family.  
In fact, it was beyond
exhausting for everyone.  Things are still
not perfect here.  Trying to find space
for all of their necessities involved
cleaning out closets and drawers and then
finding someplace to put all of our
stuff.  It is coming along though and all
should be well soon.
What a joy it has been having little Avery 
here every day.  You know he will be
four in August~I just can't believe it.
I want to enjoy all of these little boy
"moments" while they last, so this
is going to be a special time for me
and his "Papa".
I hope all of you had as wonderful a 
"Mother's Day" as I did.  Here is a
picture of me and my children~
Cameron and Hollis, and my grandson,
little Avery.

And, here is a wonderful picture that
Cameron took "Mother's Day in my garden   
He named it
"Birdhouse Motel".  Perfect name
don't you think?
I promise to be back more often this
summer.  I find myself putting more
on Facebook because it is just so
much faster.  Although, I will say, the
fact that very few people comment
on my Blog anymore makes it hard
to keep doing it.  I don't fault anyone
for that.  I think we just all lead such
busy lives and Facebook is so much
easier for everyone.  Regardless of how I 
keep in touch with you, I'm thankful for
Facebook, my Blog, and for all of
"Many Happy Stitches"


  1. I will comment because I do not have a Facebook account and I really enjoy your blog. There is something special about boys at the age of 4. They say and do the cutest things. I wrote down some of those things with my son who is now grown. What a blessing to have him living with you for a bit at this fun age.

    1. I know Sherri. My husband and I are going to enjoy every moment of this special time with little Avery. This is such a cute age~so much fun all the time.

  2. Sure hope you don't quit blogging! I'm not on Facebook and love your updates. Nice pics of your family.

    1. Thank you so much Karen for writing to me. I do not intend to stop blogging. I appreciate you letting me know that you like it!

  3. Please keep blogging! I have cut way back on my Facebook time; in fact, I didn't even know you were on Facebook. I'd much rather read blogs!

    1. Thank yo so much Ginny. It means a lot to me that you let me know that you like Blogs. So happy you follow me here.

  4. Love your blog although you are right about Facebook taking over. It is faster and easier but that being said blog reading is far more relaxing and fun!

    1. Thank you so much for writing to me and letting me know that you like my Blog. That means a lot to me.

  5. wishing you a lovely summer to come:)

  6. I wish you a lovely summer too!

  7. Sounds like you had a pleasant Mother's Day and will be looking forward to lots of special times with Avery! :) I try to limit my time on Facebook as well, I prefer reading blogs. Enjoy your summer.

  8. Hope you continue with your blogs...I am not on facebook and would miss not keeping up with you and your projects and family..... if you only did facebook.

  9. Blogs are so much more personal. People are so in a hurry all the time. Blogs take time. It's my treat at day's end to read about all my friends and how they are. Thank you for taking time in your hectic schedule to write for us. I sincerely love reading your blogs. B