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Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4th Celebrating

Good Afternoon Everyone!
I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th.
We certainly did and I want to share some
pictures of our very quaint celebration.
Hollis' husband, Paul, had to work as usual,
but Avery, Hollis, Lehmer, Cameron and I
took in the "olde" fashioned 4th in
Ashland, Virginia.  This is a tiny little town
located between Fredericksburg and Richmond.
Randolph Macon College is there.
It is a wonderful little place, full of old homes
and great shoppes.  Haven't been shopping
there for a while, but I'm sure it is still
great.  There are a number of "antique
shoppes" which qualifies it as a place to
go if you have a chance.
This was truly an "olde fashioned" 4th.
No motorized vehicles in the parade, just
children walking, on bikes, and in wagons.
Lots of adults walking dressed in their
patriotic garb.  Quite a contrast to
what goes on everywhere else.
After the parade, they had music in
front of the decorated Community 
Center.  Lots of good food for sale,
including $1.00 slices of apple pie.
Then we went back to Hollis' and had
a delicious dinner.  Her strawberry,
blueberry, and white chocolate sauce trifle
was fantastic.  This has not been a dietetic
weekend.  Monday will begin another diet
for me.
Here are some pictures of our fun 4th!
 Our house decked out for the 4th
 Avery enjoying the parade!
Don't you love his glasses and his
patchwork outfit.  So cute! 

Patriotic garb was everywhere~
 Here is the band in front of the 
Community Center~
Flags were everywhere~
 Hollis' Trifle
We ended the day with sparklers for Avery.
He loved them.  No fireworks this year.  He
does not like loud noises.
Well, that's my little picture show.  Hope you
enjoyed it.
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. Avery is so cute with his sparkler. So glad you had an old-fashioned, all American kind of day! Looks like lots of fun had by all.

  2. Oh, what great memories of an old-fashioned 4th!
    Avery looks quite stylish in his Patriotic outfit.
    Thanks for sharing all of the July 4th pics.

  3. that looked a lovely way to spend your 4th and awwww to Avery with his sparkler too ... love mouse xxxxx

  4. Old-fashioned anything is better than newfangled any time. What a lovely and honest celebration. Especially with those sunglasses.

  5. That looks like a good old fashioned 4th! Avery is smart, I don't like all the explosions we had going on here!