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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Is Here

Hi Everyone!
I understand from the weather report that we
may get as much as 6" of snow late
tomorrow.  We are right on the line so it
could just be a really cold rain.  Keeping my
fingers crossed for the cold rain.  I would 
like to have the perfect snow storm.  For me
that is 2" at the most.  Enough for
me or Lehmer to shove it out of the way.
I don't want him shoveling snow anymore.
I will be very stressed.
I wanted to share with you my gift to
myself.  I bet you will love him or her.  
Isn't this one of the neatest sheep you have ever
seen?  Oh my gosh, he going to be showing
up in a lot of photo shoots.  Notice
 "I Love Winter"
hanging around his neck.  I almost felt dishonest
when I did that design, but I really do like
winter in some ways.  It is a time for me to settle down a
little.  I like the nesting thing.  I do love winter clothes.  
Covers up a lot of bad things at this stage in my life.
I love savory winter foods, such as soups, breads, etc.
I catch up on all the magazines I haven't had
time to read.
The biggest thing I can mark off my list of things to 
do is the yard.  What a relief
to not have to worry about bugs and weeds.
But I don't like piles of snow, icy steps, and arctic air. 
Oh, boy, it is only January. 
Thanks again for all of your comments about
the runner.  That was so much fun and you will
be tickled to know that I have a runner already
designed and stitched.  Just have to do a
monogram and it will be ready to go.  Plus,
I have another "vintage" one that you might like.  
Have a good rest of the day.  Keep your
fingers crossed for not much snow for us.
"Many Happy Stitches",


  1. I agree with your winter likes. I love the way a nice soft fluffy snow looks but I am a nurse practitioner and have to drive through it no matter what so have been pretty happy with our low snow totals in WI this winter.

    Looking forward to the runner!!


  2. LOVE your little sheep Sandra! he is perfect...is he tin? love his chippy white paint too ~ hoping we get a little bit of the white stuff here...when I was visiting CT we had almost 5" at my mom's house...loved that ~

    1. Hi Lori,
      I love him too. Yes, he is made of tin. Looks like we are going to get snow later today, but I don't think you are. Since you love it so much I would like to trade places with you. HaHa!

  3. LOVE that sheep! It is a one of kind or can we purchase one somewhere on the web? Inquiring minds want one too!

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I bought him at a wonderful shoppe in Mechanicsville, VA and there was only one there. Faye, who works with me wanted one, but that was it. The shoppe is called Through The Garden Gate. If you wanted to call them, they might be able to get more. It might be worth a call. They are not there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Good luck!

  4. great stitching Sandra, love snow but it does get in the way of everyday life.

  5. I love all the seasons for different reasons. One of Winter's attractions is settling down in front of the wood burner with my dogs around me stitching away.