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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Happy Belated 4th!!
Avery's first 4th!
I'm so sorry I haven't announced the winners of my drawing.
We have had an interesting week to say the least.  Along
with everyone else in the country, it seems that most of
Virginia lost power.  We are very fortunate to have a
generator that helps with part of our house, so Hollis
and Avery came here for almost a week.  They lost power
last Friday and it didn't come back on until Thursday.
She was here trying to work from our house and was
able to get some work done.  We had electrical cords
running all over the place to put electricity where it
was most needed, while trying to protect a crawling
baby from stuff being everywhere.  If that wasn't enough,
Hollis had driven back to Richmond to work on Monday,
and that afternoon while Lehmer and I were taking
care of Avery, he spiked a fever.  Of course, being the
calm person that I am (Ha! Ha!), I went into panic
mode.  I just didn't know what to do.  I don't know
any pediatricians anymore.  Made several calls and
finally decided to take him to one of those walk-in
offices.  Of course, you don't get to see a real
pediatrician who is up on what is going around.  All
he could do was rule out the obvious things and
say that it was probably a virus.  Hollis called her
pediatrician and they said it probably was a virus and
to only be concerned if his fever went above a 
certain point.  Well, for four days his fever went up
and down like crazy and we all went crazy too.
The good news is the fever broke for the last time
on Thursday and they were able to go home that
evening.  We did manage to set outside for a very
few minutes on the 4th so we can record his first
4th of July.  He was so cute even though he was sick.
So, I hope you can understand why I haven't been
up to date on anything to do with Homespun Elegance.
Keepers of the Crows
I will be sending each of you an email sometime today.
Stay cool if you can!
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. Sorry to hear little Avery was sick. I hope he's much better now. It's amazing how fast those little guys can spike a fever!

    Congratulations to the winners!

  2. YEA, you made my day hun..Sorry your sweetie wasn't feeling well; glad he's better; kids seem to bounce back easier than we do..lol Have a great weekend..

    Hugs, Sharee

  3. How exciting!!! Thank you so much Sandra!!!!

  4. Happy Belated 4th to you as well! Glad to hear things are returning to more normal for you and Hollis - those extended periods without power are so NOT fun and seems like it's been happening more and more frequently these days. We're looking into a generator as well. Congrats to your lucky winners!! (Boo hoo, I completely missed that one!) Happy weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Happy 4th Sandy. I am glad Avery is feeling better. Poor little guy, it is horrible to run a fever in the summer.. Yuck... Congrats to the winners..