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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Help -- Awful Ads on Blog

Good Afternoon Everybody!

This is just a short post to ask you to please ignore
the ugly ads running up and down the left side of
my Blog.  I have no idea how this happened, it
just appeared this morning, and Blogger is impossible
to talk to.  I am so disgusted right now.  I'm afraid
to fool with it because you are suppose to backup
before attempting changes. I cannot backup to my hard 
drive because I am in Richmond.  Just another
computer problem that sends me over the edge and
unfortunately Cameron doesn't do Blogger, so without
Blogger assistance I am stuck.  An email was sent
to them (which took Hollis to find a way to do that)
about my problem, and still no response.
Have any of you had something like this happen to
you?  If you have, would you mind sharing how
you corrected it.  Also, have any of you ever
been able to talk to a real person at Blogger and
if so, how?
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. It appears that your blog template is at fault. It refers to some site that no longer has the image that was intended to be shown.

    So you can change your template or wait for blogger to eventually fix it.

    Here is the discussion thread. This has happened to others.


  2. Thank you so much Annie. I will go to the discussion thread. Hopefully when I get home I can fix it myself. Believe me though, that is going to be a real stretch for this old brain. Thanks again. Blog followers are the greatest!! Sandra

  3. I feel your pain. Modern technology makes me scream sometimes. My husband in all his wisdom decided to update my iPhone but didn't sync all my contacts before doing so and I have now lost the lot!!! I am sorry I can't help with your problem but I thought that I would let you know there is someone else out there crying as well. Keep smiling we can get over this.

  4. I've always gone to Blogger's forums, registered, and posted a question. Make sure you check the box to receive answers by email, and tell them you need specifics and easy to understand answers. Responses were always quick and accurate. Good luck!

  5. No ugly ads today, just beautiful stitching ones!
    Whatever you did, worked.

  6. I still see the ad bar on the left.

  7. I see no ad bars either. Looks good


  8. Hi Everyone!
    Thanks so much for directing me to the forums. I did get a reply from several people. In the end, I had to call in Cameron to fix this. I did have to change the template as they and you recommended, but I could not have done it without him. Thanks again for the advice about the forums. Many Happy Stitches, Sandra