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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sharing Time

Good Evening Everyone!
I have been promising an update on my new
things for so long now, that I am sure you
think I just don't have anything new.
Not so, just so confused and rattled
by all the preparations for the trade show
 that I just couldn't sit down at the
computer and pull it all together for my blog.  
I have actually been sitting at the computer,
but it is for typing my publications or
  making updated price sheets and order blanks.  
Believe me, these are not fun things to do.  
On the creativity scale, it ranks about a #1.  
Before I get started though, I have to
apologize for not thanking everyone
who has commented or emailed me
recently.  I read everyone of your
comments and emails and they make 
these long days of preparation more
bearable.  Thank you so much.   
OK, here goes with some of my sneak
peaks.  I will be breaking this up into
several days because there are many
new things.  
Continuing my "Halloween Year",
I give you "Bits Of Halloween" and "EEK".
There are six more months after these.
This next design is definitely more timely--
"I Love Winter".  Although, because of the
winter that most of the country is experiencing,
this may not be so appealing.  I guess we have
to remind ourselves that there are good parts
to this season to, but thank goodness it
cannot last much longer.
This is the last design in this fun series.  They would
look so cute stitched together.  Hope you have
enjoyed them.
Now we are getting to the season that we are
all waiting for. 
This is "Freshness Is In The Air" and is the
second in a seasonal series.
This is "Sampler Bunny".  There is
another design in this series, "Sampler
Woolly", that
goes really well with my bunny.  I'll
try to show him to you another time.
Well, that is all the previews for tonight.
Stay tuned for the next batch.
I even have some things that you don't
have to stitch.
But before I go, remember that my
husband, Lehmer, had those awful
intestinal attacks.  Well, he has been
through numerous tests, all negative.
So, the final test they do is the
abdominal scan.  Well, the problem
is his gallbladder.  So, when I get
back from Nashville, he will have
the surgery.  We are very happy that
it is not something more serious, but
when we went to the emergency room
after the first attach, they did a sonogram
of his gallbladder and said it was not
that.  His doctor said he does not 
understand how they could have 
missed it.  Because of the oversight, he 
went through a lot of unnecessary tests
that took preparation, time, and money.
Not to mention the anxiety.
Hopefully, in the end, this will be
taken care of without too much 
discomfort.  I never want to see him
have another one of those attacks.
Hope all of you are having a warm,
cozy night with 
"Many Happy Stitches."


  1. Sandra ~ so sorry about all of the unnecessary testing your hubby went thru and will be happy for you both when they take care of his gallbladder. Love the sneak peeks.

  2. I'm glad your husband got a diagnosis, though sorry it came later than it should have. The not knowing can be so hard. I love the bunny sneak peek - can't wait to see all of it and the lamb, too!

  3. Gall bladder attacks can be vicious. I have a coworker whose going through them right now but they've told her she's not a candidate for surgery yet. I hope your husband's surgery goes well. He will feel so much better afterwards.
    Thank you for those sneak peeks!! Can't wait to see the finished projects!

  4. I'm sooo glad your husband did not have something more serious!! I've heard that gallbladder attacks seem like heart attacks!! How scary!! Can't wait to see the new designs!! They look wonderful!!


  5. Good to hear that the doctor's finally figured out what was going on with your husband. I know gallbladder attacks are miserable. I'm sure your husband will be glad to see the last of them.

    I'm looking forward to your new designs, especially "Freshness Is In The Air". I stitched the autumn design last year and am so glad to read that it was the first of a new series.

  6. Looking forward to your new designs, Sandra. I wish your husband all the best with that surgery. It is nice when the doctors figure out what's wrong and have a solution for it, even it it means having surgery.

  7. Can't wait to see all of the new goodies!

  8. I do hope the gall bladder surgery improves your husband's health, Sandra. A friend of mine had his removed and it cleared up a myriad of problems!

    Love seeing the glimpses of your new designs ;)