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Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Snow

This is what is going on in Fredericksburg, VA.
We are expecting 3" to 5".  Every flake is here to
stay since it is sooooo cold.
 View out of family room.
 View from side porch.  I designed and had my
Santa flag made years ago.  Always wanted to
publish the pattern but never got around to it.
View from the front porch.
This is the kind of snow I like.  Pretty and not too much
of it.  Our winter last year was so horrible.  I worry
that we might have a repeat.  
I know all of you are kind of tired of hearing about
the drama in my life, but I must tell you briefly about
our evening, or should I say morning.  My husband,
Lehmer, developed gastric issues late last night
and after about three hours of pacing the floor with 
no relief, we left for the emergency room, expecting
gallstones.  To make a very long visit short
(there from about 12AM to 5AM), through
tests, EKGS, and monitoring, they ruled out 
gallstones and heart issues.  After intravenous 
pain killers and something the nurse called a 
a Gastric or GI cocktail or something like that,
he finally got some relief.  We got home and went
straight to bed, but got up about 7:30.  I just
knew it would come back after the pain medicine
wore off, but so far so good.  Of course, he has
to follow up on this.  Remember I had my luncheon
yesterday.  He had it for lunch and again for dinner.
Very rich food.  I'm afraid it didn't agree with him.
Should be taking a nap, but my nerves and nervous
energy have caught up with me.  I have baked
two pies and a cake so far.  Am going to take a
break and wrap for a while and then I am going to
take a nap.
I'm sorry I haven't personally answered your comments
from the previous blog.  Please know that I love
hearing from you.  It is just a crazy time so it means
even more that you take the time to send your thoughts.
Stay warm and do whatever makes 
you happy,


  1. Marc gave me a scare like that a few months ago. We wound up not going to the Emergency, but I thought we would. GI stuff.

    I know I hounded you last time about soap, but if you don't have time for that how 'bout an epsom salt bath? It's a good way to get some extra magnesium which you can really use if you're under stress! I also like raid the kitchen and put in a drop or two of lemon or extract or vanilla. :)

    Then come back and hunker down under a blanket and watch the snowfall out those gorgeous windows; I think you'll be napping or at least afternoon-resting very soon after!

  2. I will keep your husband in my thoughts and prayers. My mother had a similar episode this past Tuesday evening. After many tests in the ER they've yet to find the cause of her pain. This isn't the first time for her and I know she's getting frustrated.
    We've got a little more snow here. Probably about 6 inches on the ground. It's enough for me. My BIL lives in London, Ontario and they've had 5-6 ft recently. Yup, that's feet, not inches!!