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Friday, December 3, 2010

A Few More Goodies!

Good Evening Everyone!
The weekend is here and I'm already worried
that I won't do everything I need to do.
Happy to report though that we got our
beautiful Christmas tree Thursday.  It is
now setting on the back porch in a tub
of water.  It smells so good out there.
Thank you for all of your orders 
for the Christmas Candle Clips.  
I still have a few left.
For those of you who have artificial trees
and I have those too, Faye came to work
the other day and told me about the most
clever thing.  She found these at Walmart
and I went there I soon as I could to
got some.  I'll scan one so you can see it.
They are called ScentSicles and the one 
I like is Douglas Fir.  You hang them in
your tree and it says it will scent a regular
size room (whatever that means) for three
weeks.  I hope they do because it is 
wonderful.  I'm going to hang one in my
car.  I just had to share.
Now for some other "goodies".  None
of these items were made by me, but
they will still add a festive touch to someones
home.  I have one of each in my house.  
I only have a few of each of these
 wonderful things.  I call the first one a 
"Candy Container Santa"
He has a sack on his back to 
load him up with whatever you want.
He is 10" X 3 1/4" at his widest point and is
only $11.00 which includes shipping.
I only have three.
Next is a great little Santa who is going
to visit good and bad little boys and
girls.  Notice the sticks and his bag
filled with candy canes.  I think he is
so sweet.  I call him
 "Santa With Gifts"
and he is 8"X 3".  He is $11.50
which includes shipping.  I have three 
of these too.
Last but not least is 
"Christmas Bird"
but he could be enjoyed all year.  He measures
9" X 3 1/2" and is made out of the
perfect red cotton and a homespun looking
fabric was used for his under his body and wings. 
 Black bead eyes are the perfect finishing
touch.  He can fly to your Christmas house
for $12.50 which includes shipping.  
Unfortunately, I only have one of these.
That is all for tonight.  I hope you have a glorious
weekend.  You may not hear from me again 
until late Sunday. I intend to do some serious
Christmas shopping and decorating this weekend.
  I hope to add many items to my Etsy site next week.  
I'll let you know when to go there.
Merry Stitches,


  1. I'm gonna go look for the scent sickles next time I'm in walmart..... thanks for the tip!!

  2. Great finds, Sandra. I'm going to Walmart for the Scent Sticks. Happy decorating!

  3. I am so excited about the candle clips I ordered!! I cannot believe how cute they are!! I can hardly wait to get them!!!


  4. Kathleen EllerbrockDecember 28, 2010 at 1:58 AM

    is the red bird still available??