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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crazy Couple Of Days

Tomorrow is going to be a better day I keep telling myself, and so 
far that has not proven true for the last two days.  As all of you know
 the first disaster was when I found a mistake in my first "freebie" 
design.  Correcting that was stressful enough.  Our Automatic
 shoppes had also gotten a hard copy in their shipment, so all of them 
had to be contacted.  Unfortunately, we didn't have all of the 
email addresses, so we had to call, explain the situation, and get 
their email.
Back to the basement I went to email them the corrected copy.
I tried to send a mass email.  After loading all of the emails
it did not send, so I had to send them individually, attaching the
graph each time.  Are you getting the picture, but I least I could
feel good about having corrected the problem.  Wrong!  A little
while later one of my shoppes emailed to tell me it was blurry
when it printed and looked even worse when they tried to make 
copies from it.  What in the world had I done wrong this time.  It
seems that I had not put it in a pdf.  Boy, this tech stuff is not
for sissies.  
So, back to the basement, figure out how to do that,
and then send them all individually again.  Remember, I still
had not figured out why I couldn't do a mass email.  I was so
frazzled and to add to that we got some really awful health news
about a dear relative.  At 3:00 this morning I was still awake.
The day's events had taken their toll and my mind just would
not shut off.  Six thirty came awfully early this a.m.
But remember today is suppose to be a better day. Wrong!
What is the first thing I see in my email.  One of the shoppes
said the attachment was not there.  So I had to go back to
the basement and redo hers, praying the whole time that
it was just a fluke, and everyone else got theirs.  So far I have
not heard from anyone else.  So I hope all is well with the
 graph - finally!
But I'm not finished complaining yet.  Are you ready for this?
 We have gone through the whole process to set up a Paypal 
account.  We were told to wait for them to make small deposits 
in our checking account to confirm our account.  When I went to
 Paypal tonight to do my first transaction, they informed me 
that I had waited too long since the deposits were made,
 and now my account was null and void and I have to start all 
over again.  
I think I am going to go to bed now. . . tomorrow is going to
be a better day.

Many Happy Stitches,


  1. Whew! Now I feel blessed that all of these issues you're struggling with seem simple enough/are familiar to me.

    I really appreciate all the work that you're doing to get up to speed with blogging presence/increased service beyond web catalogue to the online stitching community. I think that it will pay off in terms of increased visibility for a larger, and possibly younger as well, audience. In my case, I really "started" stitching "online", and don't have a special LNS, so I'm particularly and almost exclusively served by web content like this when it comes to stitching.

    Isn't it amazing the way the world changes? I'll bet that when you began designing (If I'm correct on my dates that was before I was born!), you never imagined that communication with customers would evolve into the sort of personal-with-Anonymous Fireside Chat that is blogging.

    The good news is that most of what could/would go wrong already has! :) But, if only it weren't such a crash-course. :P Be encouraged; the learning curve should smooth out now. Your relative is also in my thoughts for a good report.

  2. Oh Sandra, you have had a couple of rough days! I hope that your troubles are over and the end of the week brings smooth sailing!

  3. Sandra, hang in there girl, you will get through all of this and everything will be fine. Sending hugs and blessings!!!

  4. blame it all on the full moon : ) It will be a better day ...

  5. Things always get better! I think the kind of day you had is the Universe trying to see what kind of "stuff" we are made of! So far...so good! I hope your relative, that you got the bad news about, is doing all right . I will keep your family in my prayers.

  6. I'm so happy to follow your blog, Sandra! I'm a long time fan of your designs and have stitched quite a few. I appreciate you sharing your free designs...they're "on my autumn list!"
    As for the blogging, I know well how you feel! I started in July with the help of my youngest son (who recently left for college) I'm getting the hang of it with each post but recently had a "blog intervention" by him online all the way from school! There's hope for us yet! Oh well, look at all the other things that we've mastered over the years :)

  7. Sandra...you poor thing. I have been in the same boat staying up til all hours trying to figure something out on the dang computer! Hang in there! Love your designs you are awesome!

  8. Hi Sandra! I just wanted to chime in with Berit...it is wonderful to see designers building an online presence. Stick with it! There are so many designs and designers I never would have known about if it weren't for blogs, chatboards, and other online resources. (My biggest problem now is balancing the web surfing with stitching time! LOL)