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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Good Evening Everyone!
Hope everyone is excited about the 
I know I am wishing and hoping for a wonderful
New Year's resolutions are a thing of the past
for me.  They are so hard to keep and when
I don't, I just feel bad about 
letting myself down yet again. 
So, forget it.
Instead, I have a mental list of things I would
like to accomplish in the coming year and 
hope to be able to check more than a
few of those projects off.  If I do, I
will be satisfied.  One of the things I want
to do in the new year is to introduce some
other types of needlework.
I am definitely going to
pull out my punch needle tools again
and get punching.  Something else
I've been working on in my spare time
is some embroidery.  The first needlework
I ever did was embroidery, loved it then 
and still do.  Of course, cross stitch
is and always will be my favorite.
If you have been stitching my designs 
over the years, you know that I love
the Jacobean style.
Well, I found this old chair seat
many years ago.  It definitely has a 
Jacobean feel to it and is done
completely with a Chain stitch
in wool fibers.  Some of the wool has
been eaten away and parts have been
pulled resulting in some of the
stitches disappearing. 
Well, I drew the design on a piece of
Sandstone linen and have almost finished
stitching the entire piece using one
strand of Gentle Art's wool fibers.  They
are really yummy to look at and to
work with.  
So here it is.  I don't know exactly how
I will publish this design.  I may also
do it in cross stitch.
Please let me know what you think.
Here is the original chair seat.
Well, I must go.  Really tired today after our late
night last night.  This has been a lazy day, but I
must get energized soon.  Have a few more
days of my mini vacation to enjoy before reopening
my ETSY shoppe and the office on Jan. 5th.  If you
are wondering why emails haven't been answered,
it is because I really am on vacation, but, alas,
all good things must come to an end.  Lucky me
I do get to go back to a job I love.
Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches" 
in this New Year,


  1. love it!! yes, please publish just as it is. Terry

  2. Sandra, I am an avid Jacobean fan...I love it! I'd like to see this wonderful chair pad as a pattern to be stitched on linen. Personally, when I see Jacobean, I think wool...not cross-stitch. I'll be waiting to see what you decide.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Love it! Am now just starting to really like the Jacobean style Would like to see it published.

  4. Like to see itin cross stitch using GA wool.

  5. Beautiful! Please publish as crewel and cross stitch versions. Love the story behind the pattern. Happy New Year!

  6. Sandra this is beautiful, I have wanted to do this for many years also but just haven't. You have inspired me, thank you.

  7. A beautiful design. Would love to see it in cross stitch.

  8. Love your design interpretation ! Looks similar to my favorite curtains *Would love to get your pattern !!!

  9. I just saw this. It is absolutely lovely!