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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Precious Moments!

Good Afternoon!
Well, everyone left this morning and the house
is so quiet, so empty.  I hate it when this happens.
The energy is invigorating.  Now I just feel tired.
Of course, that could be from all the sugar
I have consumed in the last few days.
Not going to get on the scale.  No way!
I would really be depressed today.
This is what I mean by precious moments!
Christmas program at preschool ~ so cute!
He really was singing~
Christmas Eve at dear friends' home.  Have been
going there for years.  Wonderful memories
of little ones singing favorite Christmas carols.
 Getting ready for the annual reading of
The Night Before Christmas
Setting on the steps Christmas morning waiting
for permission to go into the living room
Jumping for joy!  Cannot believe I caught him
with his feet in the air.  Saying over and over
"Oh my goodness" and "Wow"
Christmas brunch at Hollis and Paul's
Lehmer, Me, Paul, Cameron, and Summer
Hollis is taking the picture
I'm taking the picture, so Hollis is in this one.
 (Sorry Paul~not a good picture)
Next year I need to remind Cameron to bring
his remote for the camera.  I need to have 
a master list.
 Standing in a pile of presents.  Can't you see
the excitement!
 I think this might be his favorite present~
a fire engine tent
Isn't this ridiculous!  Wonder who Avery is calling.
Summer, Cameron's girlfriend, and Avery 
eating his favorite food group
 Relaxing in front of the fireplace the night after
Christmas night.
 Good to have some down time
 Not your typical holiday meal~a little Italian takeout
last night.
Another Christmas filled with wonderful
Christmas Blessings,


  1. There is nothing as wonderful as the simple joy of spending time with family and especially grandchildren. Your heart just melts over and over.

    1. You are so right Linda. Grandchildren just make everything so much more wonderful. Your heart does melt and he brings tears of joy to my eyes.

  2. Such a nice post. There's nothing like Christmas with family and especially when there are small children to learn the traditions. Is that an apple Avery is eating? That's a good boy!

    1. Thank you Shelly. You are so right about everything. I am a very traditional and like to do the same things every year. I think it makes wonderful memories. Yes that is an apple. That is Avery's favorite food group. He loves all fruits but apples are what he always wants.

  3. Such lovely family photos. Looks like an awesome Christmas!

  4. Hi Barb, Thank you so much. We did have a wonderful Christmas. So love this time of the year with all of my family. Since Avery got here, it has brought even more "magic" to Christmas. There is nothing like seeing the "joy" in a child's eyes.