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Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm Back . . . . .

I'm Back . . . . .
and what a fine time I had.  
Everyone was so welcoming.  When I closed
my shoppe about five years ago, the thing I
missed the most was getting to talk with
like-minded people.  In other words, people
who love stitching as much as I do.
Well, all of you fine folks helped fill that void
for me this weekend.
Also, it was wonderful to see some of my
old friends that I haven't seen in such
a long time.
First of all I want to share some pictures
I took of a beautiful shoppe~
If you haven't been there, then it is
a must. If you love samplers and prim
stitching, you will be in heaven.  Just a
wealth of stitched models.  I just 
couldn't take it all in.
Here are some pictures for your
My samplers, some original, some reproductions~
Wall of fibers~heaven! 
Rack after rack of designs~
That is Ann behind the counter~
Lovely customers~
and there is Pat in front of the window
Thank you Ann and Pat for such a special
day.  A special thank you to Pat for her help trying 
to teach me about Ebay and a bunch of
other internet stuff.  She really knows her
way around a smart phone. She was dealing
with a real novice or should I say "idiot".  HaHa
I have been asked to teach a class at 
DYEING TO STITCH sometime after
the Nashville market.  What fun that will be.
Thank you Ann and Pat.   Also, I want to
thank the wonderful ladies who helped me
pack and take my stuff to my car.  I am so 
grateful for you.  It was really hot, so not
any fun at all.
I am so excited to announce that there
will be a new fabric named for me~
I love it and I think
you will to.  Cannot wait to get my hands on it.
Trunk Show and Class
I was a nervous wreck, but I managed to get
through it.  I hope everyone enjoyed the
project.  Almost everyone finished their
That made me so happy.  I tried really hard to 
time it so it could be 
finished in the 2 1/2 hour class.
Class Project~my SEWING STAND

Me and a wonderful helper, my daughter, Hollis~
Couldn't have done everything without her.
It was so nice to make some new stitching friends and
 so much fun to see Ann Steinbeck, someone
I have known for many years.
Everyone was so nice to me.  Thank you all for
welcoming me and then helping me pack up and
lug everything to my car.  What a great help
that was.
And what a way to end each evening!
Hope you enjoyed my Show and Tell!
Wish you could have all been there~
"Many Happy Stitches",


  1. It all looks so welcoming! What a great weekend.

  2. Wow. That's a lot to see! Looks like a wonderful shop and a really nice show. Thanks for letting us get a peek.

  3. What a wonderful shop! It must be like visiting a fine museum.
    Perhaps some day I will get to see it in person!
    Thank you for sharing your photos. Looks like everyone had
    a great time.

  4. Looks like a great time, thanks for sharing all of the pics with us.

  5. I'm so sad I couldn't make it over there. I had entered it on the wrong day on my calendar. :(

  6. What a wonderful show. Absolutely love the class project!


  7. Sounds like a wonderful time! Projects look adorable...

  8. Is the pattern available that you did for the class? Who makes classic homespun? What counts does it come in? Waiting for your Christmas items....Will there be a Cinnamon Stick Santa?

  9. Hi, I'm sorry, but the design I did for the class will not be available for a year. "Classic Homespun" will be done by R & R Reproductions and will be available in a variety of counts. I am really excited about it.
    I'm working on the ornaments now. Cinnamon Stick Santa is on the drawing board, but it will be much later in August or early Sept. I'm really behind this year. Thanks for asking.