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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Saturday, June 7, 2014

This Should Make You Smile!

Good Evening Everyone!
I haven't posted anything about my favorite
subject, Avery, for a while now.  Long
overdue.  He is at such a cute age, talking
constantly and just full of himself.
He is a bossy little thing, but he gets away
with it because of his personality.
Just to show you what a "ham"
he is~
Here he is in his snow boots and pullups
on the front porch, of all places.
No shame! 
I was going to share some other pictures
that Hollis forwarded me from her cell
phone but Blogger won't load them.
I hate computers.  
If I can get it to work, I'll do
another post.
Have had quite a day.  Worked in the
yard again for hours.  I spent way too much
time out there.  Wanted to do some more
designing today, but that will have to
wait too.  Way to tired to tackle the
Be back soon!
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. Hee-Hee!
    Avery is too cute.

  2. are you telling me that little man-in-boots is Avery??? no…just can't be! he is such a handsome sprite!!!! my stars Sandra ~ they grow waaaay too fast :)

    1. Can you believe it! He isn't a baby anymore. I was looking back through pictures just since Christmas and it is just crazy. He is such a boy. Romping and stomping through life. He absolutely wears me out but I love it.

  3. What an adorable little fellow!