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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Goodies Flor Sale . . .

The first problem this year was that Thanksgiving
was a week later and I never realized that until
it was too late.  I pretty much save anything that
has to do with Christmas until after Thanksgiving.
Really paying for it now.
to add insult to injury I came down with
a nasty upper respiratory thing the day after
Thanksgiving and I am just starting to feel
a little better. Just about coughed myself to
death and that is so exhausting.
Avery came down with a nasty stomach 
virus last Saturday, which
he then gave to Paul and then to Hollis.
Hollis was really, really sick.  She ran a
high fever in addition to all the other
horrible things.  Couldn't have happened
at a worse time because of what she
had going on at work.  There was no
way she could take care of Avery, so 
Lehmer and I brought him home with us
on Monday.  He's two, remember, and
nothing gets done with him here, except
playing with and loving this little boy.
So - no decorating, shopping, cooking,
even thinking about these things out
of the question.
While he was here, he got a terrible
upper respiratory infection and had
to go to the DR this am.  I'm
just a little stressed.  At least, he is now on
medicine, so he should be better soon.
Usually I try to offer you some more "goodies" for
gift giving or for yourself, but  I'm behind on
that too.  Here are a few things you might be
interested in.
Here are some sweet pillows I did.
They measure  approximately 12" X 7"
with a stitched ribbon.
Only $15.00 (includes the shipping)
Please specify by the stitched design.
 Gingerbread Man
Painted Holly Box
I painted this little papermache box and filled
it with a bag of wonderful balsam.  It measures
4 3/4" long X 3 1/2"wide X 2" deep
$19.00 (includes the shipping)
I have one.
Painted Snowman Box
I painted this little papermache box and
filled it with a bag of sparkling Christmas
Snow.  3 1/2" long X 2 1/2" wide X
1 1/2" high.
13.00 (includes the shipping)
I have a few of these.
Reproduction Boot 
So adorable, I hope you love it.
6" tall and 4 1/4" across the toe.
$11.00 (shipping included)
Really Large Gift Bags
This is a fantastic gift bag measuring 24" wide X
41" high.  This will hold lots of "goodies".  It is a 
heavy duty plastic, so it can be used 
year after year.  
You will get three bags for $11.00.
(includes shipping)
Chenille Trim
Do you need chenille for finishing your 
Christmas ornaments?
This is my chenille.  Please specify "Christmas Red" or
"Dirty White".  You will receive a package with
three - one yard pieces.
$4.00 (shipping included)
Christmas Trees
Don't you love these little trees?  I added the little
hand-painted pots, a little glitter, and some red beads.
They are about 9" tall.
  These would be wonderful
added to your "primitive" decorating.
You will receive all three for $18.00 (includes shipping)
That is it for tonight.  I hope you find something
you like.  
I need to go make another list to add to my other lists!!
"Many Merry Stitches", 


  1. Geez. I hope everyone gets well and stays well!

  2. I hope everyone is feeling better. Poor Avery...I hate when the little ones get sick. I sent you an email. I love the snowman box.