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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Using Antiques

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Hope you are having a great Sunday afternoon.
I am working on the beginning stages of my website.
Not fun work but something I have to do and it will be
so exciting when it is done.  I think it is going to take
a couple months to load all of the products.  Wish me
luck and more hours in the day ~ I'm going to
need both.
When I was at Hollis' on Friday, this caught my eye.
When I had my shoppe and had the time, I liked
to incorporate needlework with antiques.  This
was for sale for only a short time because Hollis
saw it and fell in love with it.  Naturally, it
managed to make its way to her house.
A wonderful old match and brush holder that
was missing whatever picture was in the opening.
Aha I thought, a great place to tuck a little cross stitch.
That little sampler is from one of my publications
called "Crowning Glory".  
So, when you are out on your antiquing trips,
always keep your eyes open for ways to
incorporate that special piece of needlework,
and you will have a treasure all your own.
I still have antique and vintage items that I 
planned to do something with but never got 
around to.  Do you think you would be 
interested in items like this?  Let me know
what you think.
Wishing you a happy day with
"Many Happy Stitches"


  1. I love stitching and antiques! What a great combination and yes I'd be very interested!

  2. It is lovely.... and yes! I would be interested in items that could be used to tuck needlework into!

  3. Hi Sandra! this is just beautiful ~ & lucky Hollis to have it in her collection ~ I love to work my needlework into old & loved things...an unusual but heart-pleasing way of recycling for sure!
    Thanks so much for sharing,

  4. Hi, Sandra. I think it's a clever and pretty way to display needlework. Good Luck with your web work.

  5. Sandra,
    I just purchased Spring Eggs III and can't wait to stitch them - but I have one request - PLEASE package them with the embellishments - I hate having to wait for my needlework shop to order them so I can finish!