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Saturday, August 27, 2011

What A Week!!

Hi Everyone,
I usually begin by saying Good Morning, Afternoon,
or Evening, but not today.  I'm just hoping we get
through this day without too many problems.
Haven't we had a week!! Earthquakes and now
a hurricane.  Hollis has quite a story to write
in Avery's baby book.  In the month of his birth
he has had quite a few experiences.  She and I
 had just gotten back from taking Avery to the DR.  
I was on the telephone with Faye at home when she
starting yelling something and then the house
 starting shaking.  Hollis said "It's an earthquake,"
grabbed the baby, and we went out on the deck.
What an awful experience.  I never want to go
 through that again.  In 2003 there was an
earthquake in Richmond, so she knew what
she was feeling.  According to her the one in
2003 was nothing compared to this one.  Two
days later, an aftershock woke me up about 1:00
am.  Hollis and Paul were in baby comas and felt
nothing.  Nothing since then, thank heavens.
The earthquake was stronger in Fredericksburg.
I had pictures off the wall, things fell off of shelves,
the door on my linen press opened and some of
my glass items fell out and broke.  It certainly 
could have been worse though.  I don't know
how people in California deal with that threat.
I'm back home for a while and am in serious
need of more time to get all of my new 
designs finished.  I want to share with you
my almost complete Cinnamon Stick Santa.
There is another design in this publication, which
I will show you later this week, I hope.  Plus,
I will share some of the designs from my
Christmas Stocking publications.
A little parting picture of Avery?  Can you believe 
how much he has changed.  He has finally gotten
back to his birth weight, plus a few ounces, and
grown 2" in length.  Gosh, I hate to leave Richmond.
I miss him so much. 

Hope to get some much needed stitching done
during this hurricane.
"Many Happy Stitches" 
to all of you,


  1. Rebecca from the stitched sampler@blogspotAugust 27, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    So glad to hear you had minor damages. Hope the things that broke were not to sentimental to you. I use to live on the Missouri New Madrid fault line in southern Missouri. We had many small tremors but never anything big. You could tell because the candelier would swing. And the university there in town has a sismigraph for measuring them. Very cool to see. I've always liked you designs, love the new santa.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you didn't sustain any major damage and that you are alright. We've had many small tremors in our area over the past several years and they can be very unsettling to say the least!
    I love your Cinnamon Stick Santa... so cute!!
    I hope that you remain safe from Irene and that you are able to finish your designs so you can get back to that precious little bundle.

  3. Your new Santa is awesome Sandra!! Love him! So glad the earthquake didn't do any serious damage - we rarely feel them here - but did have one a few years back - no damage, but what a surreal sensation. Praying you all will be safe on the other side of Irene....My thoughts and prayers are going out. Avery is a precious, precious, doll...what a beautiful baby he was and is!! Hugs & Blessings ~ Robin

  4. Virginia sure has been hit with way too much from Mother Nature lately, Sandra... I hope she'll be kind to you for the rest of the year! My son just moved to DC and I'm wondering if he regrets his choice, but I doubt it. For him, at age 23, it's exciting and an adventure! I do hope Richmond area residents regain their power quickly...

    Love your newest design and little Avery is so sweet; no wonder you have a hard time leaving him!

  5. Honestly, living in California has its pluses and EQs are not one of them. I do not think you ever get used to them ... You hold on and wait to see what is next, hold your breath and pray! I'd rather EQs over tornadoes. Never been in a T and that is just fine with me.
    Cinnamon stick Santa is too cute. I too am, working on PS's Santa ornaments ... almost one down and 7 to go. Hope to have all 8 done by November in time for December. Will have to show it off on my blog soon...
    Avery is such a sweet angel ... yes, it is a heart breaker having to leave them behind.

    Have a great week with much Peace,