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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thank You

Good Morning Everyone!
I know it is really early on a Sunday morning, but
we are preparing to leave for a short visit to see
Hollis and Avery.  Cannot wait to get there.
I had to take a few minutes to thank all of you
wonderful people out there for your care, concern,
well wishes, congratulations, and heart felt comments.
You will never know how much it has meant to
me.  I read every one of them, many with tears in
my eyes.  It is such an emotional time for me and
my family.  We have waited a long time for this
little one.
Once again, you are so appreciated. 
 I'm sorry I could not answer everyone of them 
individually, but I'm sure you understand that I have been
otherwise occupied.  Faye has been here some of the 
time, but if we have not answered a question, missed an
 order, etc., please do not hesitate to resend it.

I promise to get back to stitching soon, in fact
I will stitch on the way to Richmond.  Must
hurry and finish my Cinnamon Stick Santa
and my Halloween Rounds 'A Plenty.
I hope you have a joyous day.  I know I am.
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. You're ever so kind to share your joy with us Sandra. Wishing you and family many more smiles and special moments to come:)

  2. Sandra thank you for sharing this beautiful baby with us. I know when my Grandchildren were born it was one of my most joyful times. He has so much hair what a precious baby!!
    I am waiting for the design you painted on the stool to come available in cross stitch. Have a wonderful day...

  3. Nothing like holding a sleeping baby in your lap! Love the baby pics - of mom, grandma and uncle. Congrats to your son with the cool photo of the plane...I like the picture too, that you posted of the building/alley like area. Beautiful.

    Sherry :o)

    sorry for the anonymous post. Not sure why I can't post on some blogs lately - it varies who and when and isn't consistent...

  4. You can just feel the love pouring from Hollis as she gazes at her new little son--what a gorgeous photo. And how lucky you are too live so close and be able to visit often and help out!!

    Enjoy your time in Richmond--this is the first year in many that we're not down there ourselves now that my youngest graduated from UR in May. I really miss that city!

  5. Congrats again. What a cutie. Have a safe trip and I know you will enjoy spending every minute with them.

  6. awwwwww lovely pictures :) enjoy your trip and I am sure you will manage to squeeze a wee bit of stitching in :) love mouse xxxx

  7. Wonderful photos Sandra - The one of Hollis with Avery is amazing - you can see the love, adoration and pride that only a mother can have in that one!! Enjoy your visit - safe travels! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Enjoy every cuddle with that precious baby.

  9. I love that photo with Hollis and Avery! It's very special. Enjoy your time with them. You are so lucky that they are close. My grandchildren are just too far to see regularly.
    Congrats to Cameron too! His photos are amazing!

  10. What wonderful family photos--both mom and you are glowing!

    I'm scratching my head at the approach of Autumn here (and esp. at my reluctance to let go of summer; def. a first for me!) and eagerly awaiting the delivery of my mink linen so that I can stitch my House on Pumpkin Hill ornie! Maybe that will put me in the Autumn Mood...