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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Friday, January 14, 2011

Entertaining Evening

Good Evening Everyone!
Hope all is well with you.  We seem to be
finally on the mend around here.  
We had to get well because Lehmer
and I had to host a party last night.
About once a year he has what is known
as a Pre Rotary.  It is a gathering of fellow
Rotarians and some guests before the
weekly meeting.  If you choose to participate,
you host the party when your turn comes and
you go to the other Pre Rotary parties each
week.  It takes me a few days to do all the
food and get our house ready for guests.
Coming at the end of the Christmas holidays
is not the best time, but at least I do not
have to concern myself with the yard.
I always fret about my centerpiece for
the dining room table.  Somehow flowers
do not seem very appropriate for a bunch
of business men.  So, this year I chose to be 
very minimalistic and went with a 
pineapple and kumquats, on a pedestal
cake plate and a globe.  I think it worked
and it didn't cost me a bunch of money.
Plus, we get to eat the pineapple.  I might
even be able to call that recycling.
Stay tuned.  I have bunches of new designs
to share very soon.  We are working
really hard but having fun too.  The
designing is what I love.  I'll also have
some things that you don't have to stitch.
Many Happy Stitches!


  1. Glad to hear that everyone is feeling better at your place.
    I never would have thought of using a pineapple for a centrepiece but it works well! And I definitely call that recycling.

  2. Hey! eat those kumquats too, and that's definitely recycling. We had a kumquat tree in our backyard growing up on Miss. gulf coast and I loved them almost as much as my daddy did :)
    Can't wait to see you new designs.

  3. The centerpiece is lovely! Looking forward to seeing your new designs!