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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tribute To A Dear Friend

Good Evening Everyone!
As you know, we were away for our family vacation
last week and had a wonderful time.
Unfortunately, a few days into our stay, I received
an awful email telling me that my long time friend
and stitcher of hundreds of Homespun Elegance
designs, Sandy Albert, had passed away unexpectedly. 
I'm sure you have seen her name on my publications
for a very long time.
 Granted she had been fighting ovarian cancer for many 
years, but was doing just that, fighting it and living her
life in the most beautiful way.  She never complained, 
just continued with her treatments and seemed to
be doing OK.  She didn't talk
about it very much (unless you brought it up)
 and because I live in Virginia
and she in North Carolina, I wasn't able to see her.
Consequently, I just assumed she was doing OK.
She had retired from her school position and had
said she could now stitch more and spend all
the time she could with her beloved granddaughter.
She had just finished my Annual Ornaments and my
Cinnamon Stick Santa design.  She will be forever
linked to those designs especially because I know
those were probably her last stitches.  Just saying that 
brings tears to my eyes.  She sent me "Waiting and Watching"
as soon as it was finished so I could add the charm
and make it into the ornament.  When I showed
it in this Blog, I got an immediate email saying
how much she liked the "Christmas Star".  Sandy
was a woman of faith and I think that ornament
really meant something to her.
God bless you Sandy. God bless your wonderful family.
I cannot imagine the grief you are feeling. 
Being a grandmother, I know how much she 
wanted to be around for that little girl.  She
said more than once, she had to stay well, to 
see her grow up.
Life is short and I seem to be reminded of that
more and more often of late.
I'll miss you my stitching friend.
Good Night, 


  1. Sandra I am so sorry to hear about Sandy.. I am sure she is in a better place! One very good friend had said once we are only passing through. I am sure she enjoyed the hours she spent stitching for you because you are such a wonderful friend!

  2. So very sorry for the loss of your beloved Friend Sandra ~ I'm sure she is stitching in Heaven now and smiling down knowing she had you for a Friend.
    Keeping you & her family in our thoughts and prayers ~ & I know she will still 'be around' for her little grand daughter...they never really leave us...memories keep them alive & well in our hearts ~
    Blessed be,
    see you soon ~ Lori

  3. Hugs and prayers for you and for Sandra's family.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your stitching friend.
    But you gave her hours of stitching pleasure that I'm sure she loved.

  6. I am so sorry dear to hear about your stitching friend..it's so sad...and I am sad here with you as well...
    Sending you hugs x

  7. Dear Sandra,
    Sandy was one of my favorite customers and friends here at Spring Robin. She and her friend Vickie would come in at least once a month, and spend a few hours with me. She was a wonderful person, and I already miss her so much. Stitchers make the best friends, and I think we have a bond that we all cherish. I was a better person for knowing Sandy, and I will always hold her in my heart.

  8. A sweet tribute. Sending hugs and condolences to you, Sandy's family, and other friends.

  9. Rest in peace Sandy. What a sweet memorable piece. My thoughts and prayers to her friends and family.

  10. I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to write to me.
    Each of you touched by heart. You are all dear friends. I still cannot believe that she is gone. I am so sad for her family and friends. Robin, you said it so well, I too am a better person for having known Sandy.
    Blessings and love to all of you,

  11. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend - such a sad time xx

  12. Thoughts with you, and of your Dear Friend and her sweet family.

    I'm sure this year's ornaments she worked are not unlike all the others with which she helped--very special. Looking forward to seeing more of them as they become available.

  13. i'm so sorry to hear about your friend and a fellow stitcher.. sending up prayers for her, her friends and family.

  14. So sorry for your loss! Hugs and prayers!