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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Didn't Have Any Fun

To Say The Least!
Well, I hadn't mentioned last week that Lehmer and I were
going to keep Avery last weekend.  This was to be
the first time for him to be away from Hollis overnight,
let alone two nights.  She was not handling it very well,
but it was time.  After all, he is 14 months old now.  It was
their anniversary weekend so they really needed to
do something special and Hollis needs some "me"
time.  Lehmer and I were a little apprehensive also,
but really looking forward to it.  I was going to get to show 
him off to all of my friends, even if they didn't want to 
see him.  Needless to say, I had to do some major 
"baby proofing" - meaning lots of baby gates, locks on cabinets, 
covering outlets.  Oh my gosh, so many things to worry about 
when a little one is in the house.
Well, he arrived late Friday afternoon and all was going
well until dinner time, when he was fussy and not
eating.  Not eating just doesn't happen with Avery, but
I chalked it up to him being tired and not being at home.
Well, I put him to bed and about 15 minutes later
he was crying.  At this point I am going to shorten
this story.  He had gotten really sick.  It was awful.
Brought him downstairs and he got sick again.
We didn't know what to do - take him to Richmond,
keep him with us.  What a mess.  Well, he stayed
with us.  He ended up running a fever much later
that night and was really up all night.  Early Saturday
morning we packed everything up and took him
back to Richmond.
By Saturday afternoon Hollis was not feeling
well and was really sick all day on Sunday.
Sunday morning Lehmer got sick, Sunday afternoon
I got sick, Monday night Paul got sick.
What a nightmare.
The good news is that everyone is finally on the
mend.  I was literally up all night for two nights,
so was a walking zombie.  Yesterday I managed
to blog about my "Give Away" and then I went
to bed again.
Sorry you had to listen to my sad story but I guess 
that goes along with being friends, even in the Blog world.
On a happier note, I know all of you are familiar
with the wonderful magazine, Early American Life.
Well, I got my newest issue the  other day and was
very shocked when drooling over this wonderfully
decorated and appointed home.  You are going to flip
over this house.  On top of everything else, 
it is full of antique samplers. To have a design
of mine in this home is a true honor.  This design,
"This House Believes In Santa" is one I did 
many years ago and is out of print.  Believe it or
not, it is one that I've considered reprinting. What do
you think?
I'll be announcing the winner of the pillow
tomorrow.  Good luck!!
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. Oh Sandra ~ hoping you are ALL feeling better & on the mend ~ sending up thoughts of healing for all ~ nothing worse than a sick baby...um...daughter, husband, son-in-law, etc!!!!! hope you all feel better soon ~
    on another note, so PROUD of you to have one of your designs in the EAL mag ~ but I wouldn't doubt it for a moment ~ your designs & work is, welll......timeless.
    Blessed be my friend!
    ~Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  2. So sorry everyone was so ill hun; thats too bad. Glad everyones feeling better..take care

    Hugs, Shar

  3. Sandra hi :-)
    I read your blog all the time although I 'm sorry, I don't often comment but I just had to say how sad I was to read that the whole family was so poorly! What a shame when you had looked forward to having Avery so much and at such a lovely time for Hollis to have a much needed break. Maybe you can all try again soon.

    The magazine you mentioned sounds absolutely fantastic. As you can imagine we don't have that here in England. How marvellous to see one of your samplers in it's pages. I wish we had magazines over here that featured samplers....boohoo :-)

  4. That is the worst when a virus moves through the house like that. The only good thing is it doesn't usually last too long. Hope everyone is feeling better. What a great surprise to see your own design like that. Must have been thrilling!!! Yes, you should re-publish the pattern especially since I don't have it...lol.

  5. Glad you are on the mend! I picked up this issue of Early American Life and saw the pillow. I made this pillow way back when and still love it today!


  6. Yes! Please do put this back in print! I love the design and it must be an honor to see it in the magazine.

  7. I've been iching all week to go out and see if the new issue(for me)is in of Early American Life magazine but I have to wait until Thursday- pay day. At least I know why my intuition has been driving me crazy. Looks like a great issue.
    Your designs are timeless, too. Congrats. Thanks for the update.

  8. Glad all is on the mend. Sounds like a rough weekend. Congrats on the magazine appearance. as a side note I find it a bit difficult to read your blog due to font size.

  9. Oh what an awful time for you all but glad to hear you are all on the mend now x

  10. Oh, what a nightmare.
    Hope everyone is feeling better now.
    That's cool that your piece made a magazine.
    Yes, I think you should re-print it!

  11. oh dear..what a rough weekend.. but me so glad all is on the mend...
    Congrats on the magazine appearance....
    big hugs cucki xxx

  12. Last week we had a customer call asking for this design, so yes, a reprint would be great! Jean

  13. I'm so sorry to hear you all had such a rough weekend. Thank goodness it was just a 24 hr bug. They do tend to go through a house like wildfire though!
    What a lovely surprise that must have been for you, finding your sampler in that magazine. I think it would be a great one for reprinting.