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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beach Time

Good Evening Everyone!
I talked so much about going to the beach for our
vacation and then never shared any pictures.  I 
took a lot of pictures (surprise, surprise), but 
Cameron is the photographer in the family
so I have been waiting to get some of his.
I won't bore you with many, but I do want to
share a few.
Here we are on the beach!
Left to right -- me, Lehmer, Cameron, Avery (of course),
Paul and Hollis.  We were hoping for a beautiful
sunset, but it was still pretty.
 Sweet family picture.
 Uncle Cameron and Avery playing with the bubbles.
 Liked the sand for the most part.
Did not like the ocean.  I think it was the noise.
We always have a Dairy Queen Blizzard night.  
 Avery having his first taste.  He loved it!
 Loved the deck!
 Our gourmet dinner prepared by Chef Paul and Hollis.  
Lobster and shrimp pasta with mussels on the side.  
It was really delicious as well as beautifully presented.
Papa and Avery enjoying a beach morning.
We had such a wonderful time.  I did not want
it to end.  Such special memories.
I'll be back soon with needlework news.
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. Oh what a cute child Avery is I don't know how you can get any thing else done

  2. Avery is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    happy friday dear xxx

  3. Great pics of the beach.
    It looks like you all had a great time.
    Love Avery's shorts! :)

  4. Sandra Glad you had a lovely vacation!! Your beach pictures are so nice!! Avery is getting so big...

  5. What wonderful pictures, and the memories you have gained. Sandra, may I ask, what beach area were you at? We generally go to Myrtle Beach and get an oceanfront condo, but it appears you may have an oceanfront house, so wondered if you wouldn't mind saying what area/state it was in?

    Thanks again for sharing your pictures with us,

    1. Hi Pam,
      sorry to be so long in answering you. Thank you for your kind comments. We have been going to Emerald Isle, NC for over thirty years. It is nothing like Myrtle Beach. If you need lots of stimulation and things to do, then Emerald Isle is not for you. Very little commercialization. Nice restaurants, great places to buy seafood, and a wonderful, quiet beach. We have stayed one row back from the beach, but much prefer to be on the ocean. The duplex we stayed in this year was wonderful. If you want more info, just google Emerald Isle and there are lots of realty companies with great virtual tours. We just like to hang out at the beach, cook great seafood, and just relax. If that is what you want then Emerald Isle is right for you. You can drive a little further and go to Beaufort. Beaufort is a wonderful day trip. Lots of history, shopping, and good food. I think you would love it. I usually stitch at the beach, but with little Avery up and about this year, that didn't happen and I didn't miss it at all. Hope this helps. Sandra

    2. Thanks Sandra for telling me where you stayed. I've heard of Emerald Isle, it sounds very relaxing. There's just something so soothing at the beach, for me taking daily walks is a must in the mornings.

      Also Beaufort sounds like a place I'd like to see, I love history and quaint towns. Thanks for that tip.

      Appreciate the information... and I'm so happy you and your family were able to spend this time together. I think we all need to replenish our spirit and where's a better place. :-)

      Take care, love your blog,

  6. LOOKS like a grande time was had by all ... What a terrific way to spend your vacation. Oh yes, That Avery is special. Aren't Grandbabies the Best?

  7. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. Had such a great time. I did not want to come home, but I'm back and into my needlework as usual. I usually stitch at the beach, but not this year. With little Avery all over the place, I never gave it a thought. He is such a delight. Many Happy Stitches, Sandra