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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Avery News

Good Afternoon Everyone!
I am back home today, after a very stressful day
in Richmond yesterday.  I had not shared this
with you, but I will now.  We have known for a long
time that Avery was going to have to have some minor surgery
when he got a little older.  Well, the day that we had been
dreading finally came, and unfortunately it ended up being
a bit more complicated than was thought.  He is fine though.  Not 
a happy camper because he is in a good deal of pain when 
his meds wear off, but when his medicine is working he is
the same sweet little boy he always is.  Hollis has to 
keep him quiet for a few days.  That is not a problem as 
long as he is medicated, but good luck when he isn't.
He will be off the medicine about the time I 
 take care of him on Monday, so I'm a little nervous
about keeping him quiet.  Should be interesting.
The day before his surgery, I decided to take 
pictures of him in his Easter finery, and I'm so glad
I did, because he won't be able to sit up for a while. 
So, here I go, boring you again, 
but I know you understand.

Note the cross stitched bunny, that is a design
I did years ago called Mr.  Hare.  There is a 
Mrs. Hare as well.
The sweet sheep is what Hollis got him for
his first Easter.  The love of sheep must run
in the family. 
Wishing you a great rest of the day.  I hope
to enjoy it doing a few
"Happy Stitches".


  1. never boring to hear of (and see!)sweet grands - he is a real heartbreaker - hope Monday goes well for you- I am sure he will be just fine.

  2. It is never boring to see or hear about grandkids - there is nothing happier in life than them. So glad all went well with Avery. Give him an extra kiss for me. ... jan

  3. Awww...such a sweet Avery! Cute pics! Glad the surgery went well and hope he has a quick recovery! I know you'll be giving him lots of hugs and kisses!

  4. The photos are wonderful. What a good idea. Hoping for quick and total healing.

  5. Avery is just precious!!! Great photos -- never boring!! So glad his surgery is over... and wishing him a speedy recovery!!

    Happy Easter to you all....

  6. awww bless his cotton socks ... hope that he recovers well and not too much pain for him as he is soo little and it is much harder for them then as they don't understand do they ...
    gorgeous photos of him too :) love mouse xxxx

  7. Such very sweet pictures of Avery. I am glad to hear that everything went well. Happy Easter!

  8. What precious pictures of Avery. I hope he has a quick recovery. Poor sweet baby. Happy Easter...

  9. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments about Avery. He is feeling better this morning. The problem now is that he wants to move around and play and he cannot. This is making him really unhappy. I hope he can be more mobile by Monday when I have him all by myself. We may be taking some very long strolls around the neighborhood.
    I wish you all a wonderful Easter. Sandra

  10. Oh, it's always so scary when a baby undergoes surgery... It's good to hear he is feeling better--hope he can start moving around normally very soon, Sandra. He sure is one adorable little guy :)

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  11. Lovely pictures! :o) I just finished "Mr. Hare" and will be seen on my blog on Sunday! :o)

    Happy Easter!


  12. Your Avery is such a beautiful little boy and it's harder when their little but I still remember when our son needed surgery at the time he was in high school but this talking about doing this surgery went on from the time he was little like Avery. His chest needed a metal bar put in and them it was turned to lift his chest and stitched in place for about a year. Then the Dr. just slide it out and Noah's chest looked like the rest of the boys. Needless to say by the time this was done I felt like I had made myself sick. When the Dr. came out to see us it had only been at the most 30 minutes! And I worried and fretted all those years he was fine (in pain) but He too had meds. At any rate he fine and great today too. He is a police officer and is getting married the 28th of this month! We are so happy there is nothing like children in this world. Give your Avery a gentle hug for me and one for Mommy too. I love seeing your picture and look forward to them and not boring. Happy Easter to you and your family. Debbie