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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sneak Peek

Good Evening Everyone!
My FANCY FRIDAY has become a "sneak peek
only" I'm afraid.  Today has been a crazy day.  It was
my second trip this week to northern Virginia to
 see a new doctor about my neck and shoulders.
Remember the wreck on Labor Day, well I am
still dealing with the results of that.   The physical
therapy here in Fredericksburg helped to a
point, but it hasn't gotten any better.  I'm hopeful
I may have better results with this Doctor, but
I sure wish he wasn't so far away.  Not only is
it quite a trip, but today we dealt with Friday
rush hour.  A long trip indeed.  I cannot believe
that my husband, Lehmer, did that commute
for many, many years.  No wonder he retired
so early.
Anyway, here is a little design I will have for
you soon.  
"Delivering Liberty"
The next two Halloween designs will be released at
the same time.  Then there will only be two more 
 and the "Halloween Year" collection will be
completed.  Plans are coming together for my
Christmas designs.  My list (or lists) just keep growing.
Wishing all of you wonderful Mothers a glorious
Mother's Day.  I hope you get to spend it with
the ones you love.
"Many Happy Stitches",


  1. I hope they're able to help with your pain. It's miserable when things drag on like that.

    Love the sneak peek!

  2. oo hope the Dr can get you sorted :0 no fun re the pain (speaks from experience here too ) love the sneak peek and looking forward to the halloween ones :) love mouse xxx

  3. Hoping that the new therapies are very effective--is it time to be thinking about Christmas? I have had a few thoughts about the finishing that 2010's ornament is waiting for--and what 2011's shall be--I only have about 20 candidates that MUST be 2011! :D I have a feeling that you'll be showing me a few more in the coming months! ;)

    I am absolutely in love with the armoire that you shared last time--sounds like you and Hollis are crafting a nursery after my own heart.

    SO looking forward to the new Halloweenies,