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Wishing you "Many Happy Stitches".

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sharing Finishes

Hi Everyone!!
Back again! You are probably wondering what more 
could she have to say after the last lengthy post.
Well, a couple of nice people have shared
with me how they finished some of my designs.
The freebie "Boo Tyme" has been finished in
the most charming way by Faye Riggsbee. 
Here is the link to her equally charming Blog.

She also has the picture of my "Joyful Autumn" design
that you must see.  It was stitched by Berit as an 
Autumn exchange for Faye.  Go to the bottom of this
 Blog post to see it.  How pretty!  Don't you love 
that ribbon.  To see more of Berit's wonderful
finishes click here
Some things are just timeless and samplers are a
prime example.  Years ago, in 1984,  I reproduced 
 my first antique sampler.  It is a Pennsylvania 
sampler and I titled it simply, Unfinished Sampler,
because that is what it is.  That does not take
away from the charm of it, it just makes you
wonder why it was never finished.  Joy from
has shown wonderful pictures of her stitching and
 how she aged the sampler.  She used coffee, kitchen
 bouquet, matches and sand paper.  It is just great.
You would never know it was not an antique.
Pretty scary how good we are getting at this
aging thing.  Here is one of the pictures.
Please visit her wonderful blog to see more.
This design is still available if anyone is interested.
And here is the picture of Berit's model of my
"Joyful Autumn" as I mentioned above.

If anyone else has pictures of their finishes, please send
them along in an email.  I would love to show them.

Thank all of you for liking my designs.
Many Happy Stitches,


  1. I guess by now you know how very popular your 'Boo' has become! I have seen the finished results on many blogs. I truly enjoyed stitching it. Thank you for sharing your talent with us....

  2. What a thrill to see my little pillow here~Thanks for including me! :D